Hotel St. Pauli

Jor and Gerda is a loving couple that lives together in Copenhagen. Jor is trying to make a breakthrough as a writer, without any luck so far. His struggles have caused Gerda to provide for them by selling sexual favors on the street. Jor is filled with resentment towards Gerda and because of what she has to do to provide food for the two. One day though, their lives change completely when the small city boy Morgan comes walking into their lives. Hotel St. Pauli is considered by many to be one of the biggest cinema turkeys ever produced in Norway. The film is done by Svend Wam and Petter Vennerød, partners in crime that are responsible for several films that have a main purpose of delivering social commentaries.

Suzuki TS125

minor vehicle

Suzuki TS. Might be a 125, like this: However The TS 100 was more common in Norway.

Yamaha XS750

minor vehicle

Pour la photo du tableau de bord, Yamaha, sans aucun doute, et probablement XS 750. Maintenant; est-celle qui a été utilisée pour les autres prises de vue? Pas sûr...

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Hotel St. Pauli poster

Year 1988
Minutes 121
Category Movie
Genres Drama
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