Hona Elqahera

Samir new employee in one of the government departments, after a love story, coupled with Samir Bzmilth dignified daughter of his boss, and begin physical problems as soon as the birth of the gracious daughter, bought Samir Taxi installments, in order to meet the needs of his family, physical, and worked as a driver to increase his income, feel dignified boredbecause of her husband's preoccupation with her ​​and encourages her mother Nazly the rebellion and asked her husband's preoccupation with her ​​and encouraged her mother Nazly to rebel and seek a divorce. Divorce is spontaneously starts the dispute over the ownership of the apartment. Verdict establishment of both parties in the same apartment. Samir is exposed to a series of harassment on the part of the mother-in-law is forced to leave the apartment and stay in the yard of one of the graves.

Piaggio Vespa PX

Vespa PX
background vehicle

Piaggio Vespa PX

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Hona Elqahera poster

Year 1985
Minutes 101
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Drama
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