Year 1964
End 1977
Minutes 50
Category TV Series
Genres Action Crime Drama

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 131

Piaggio Vespa 00:03:32 minor vehicle

BMW R69 Episode: 138

BMW R69 00:30:23 chase BMW R69 wiki

R53? sorry,not R53 but R69

The Morris Major Mk1 is worth a page - our 1st Mk1.

Honda CA95 Episode: 166

Honda CA95 minor vehicle Honda CA95 wiki

Very difficult to tell exactly what, it's a 60's Honda CA model (high tubular handlebars), could be a 72, 77 or 95, due to the physical size (unless he's a giant) I'd go for CA95.

BMW unknown Episode: 251

BMW unknown chase

Same bike, episode 258: And in episode 278:

Episode 232:

Kawasaki G3 SS Episode: 278

Kawasaki G3 SS minor vehicle

'69-70 G3 SS, 90cc

Yamaha XS-1F 650 Episode: 306

Not an XS650, an XS 1.

3 versions of the XS-1 produced, gold with indicators on headlamp brackets = XS-1F

Yamaha YR 3350 Episode: 342

YR 3 (350)

Kawasaki H1500 Episode: 384

Scallops in the tank so '69-70 H1-500

Kawasaki W1-P 650 Episode: 393

Kawasaki W1-P 650 minor vehicle

Episode 315:

Suzuki T350J Rebel Episode: 395

Suzuki T350J Rebel minor vehicle

Suzuki T350J Rebel, 1972.

Norton Dominator Model 7 Episode: 401

Norton 500 twin. Looks to be a non-featherbed frame so Dominator Model 7? This article says that a side car could not be fitted to the featherbed frame - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norton_Dominator

Yamaha RT-3 360 Episode: 422

Colour scheme is Yamaha RT3 - 360, 72-73, we'll put the lack of chrome clock covers down to regional variation?

Piaggio Vespa 125 L2 Episode: 440

Piaggio Vespa 125 L2 minor vehicle

Vespa 125 L2

Triumph 5T Speed Twin Episode: 444

Triumph 5T Speed Twin minor vehicle

5T Speed Twin?

Honda SL175K1 Episode: 473

Episode 422:

BMW R90 Episode: 485

BMW R90 minor vehicle BMW R90 wiki

Kawasaki Z1-A 900 Episode: 485

Z1-A 900 Episode 476:

Episode 492:

Honda CB 500/4 K1 Episode: 506

Three bikes used - two look like 500's, not sure on the other...

It's either a 72 K1 or 73 K2, my eyes aren't good enough to tell between Candy Jet Green & Candy Bacchus Olive, can't put a model on the red 500 because of repaint, the 3rd bike is a 72 CB 450 K5

Honda CB750 Episode: 509

Episode 376:

Episode 485: