Hollywood High Part 2

It's another year at Hollywood High and the students are upholding the standards of their school. It's the end of the semester and finals are near, but that doesn't stop the girls of Hollywood High from having fun. From the pool to the beach, they cavort with their boyfriends, drink, and smoke a joint or two. But the fun stops when a teacher keeps one of the guys after school for some personal tutoring.

Suzuki GS1000


Kawasaki Z1000 police bike. This is why i thought Suzuki:

I thought at first Kawasaki because it was dohc but now it is obvious it is a Suzuki. I can't see if the headlamp is square or not. If it is square it is a GS1100 but more likely a GS1000 about 1980.

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Hollywood High Part 2 poster

Year 1981
Minutes 85
Category Movie
Genres Comedy
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