Hibernatus poster
Year 1969
Minutes 82
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Fantasy Sci-Fi

The frozen body of Paul Fournier is discovered in Greenland where he had disappeared during a scientific expedition in 1905. Perfectly conserved he is brought back to life in the 1960s. His descendants take care of him: to spare him the cultural shock they behave so to make believe it's 1905 and they are his cousins, uncle...

Triumph 5T

Triumph 5T minor vehicle

Triumph TR5W? The car? I think it's a Citroên DS 21, because of the lights No, the bike (it is written above the picture ) The car is obviously a DS DS Break or Safari, type ambulance No, the bike (it is written above the picture ) The car is obviously a DS Terrot ??? Là aussi, ce serait de l'anglaise, que ça m'étonnerait pas. Les Terrot avaient un motif de réservoir très caractéristique... qui est absent ici. These are third type headlights of the Citroën ID/DS, modelyears 1968 - 1975. Bodyshape has nothing to do with enginesize. Most Ambulances were ID/DS20. All Break- (Safari-) versions - Ambulance included - were called ID till 1971. Modelyear 1972 and later they were called DS. Although actually there was no difference. Michel Coenen (Archive Citroën ID/DS Club Netherlands) The DS/IS has its own page where it was identified: /vehicle_61670-Citroen-ID-21-Ambulance-1968.html (and when I said "obviously a DS", I was meaning the DS/ID family) The aircraft is a Beechcraft King Air

Triumph twin from late '40's to mid '50's, could be either a 5T (SpeedTwin), 6T (Thunderbird) or T110 (Tiger)


BMW R 50/2 ou R 69S...

BMW R 50/2

BMW R 50/2 minor vehicle BMW R 50/2 wiki

Une BMW à droite, mais à gauche? Une Triumph TR5W?

Je n'ai hélas pas mieux comme photo Prenons celle de gauche de toute façon.