Hay alguien ahí

Year 2009
End 2010
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Mystery

Honda CB600 Episode: 1.01

Honda CB600 background vehicle

Honda 600 Hornet, à droite...

was listed as 2007, from the plate I guess, but I guess that this page is for the bike on the right (Honda then) since that other one seems to be for the bike with plate visible: /vehicle_220604-2007.html Anyway, when multiple vehicles of same category are on a picture, it can be useful to have a comment from the one who uploaded the picture

BMW R1150GS Episode: 1.01

BMW R1150GS background vehicle BMW R1150GS wiki

BMW GS 1150 or 1200

Honda VFR800 Episode: 1.01

Honda VFR800 background vehicle Honda VFR800 wiki

VFR 800 Honda?


Honda FES250 Episode: 1.02

Honda FES250 background vehicle

Looks a Honda Pantheon, but the reflective strip between the tail lights puzzles me.

Ah! Got it! Honda FES 250 Foresight: http://moto-images.caradisiac.com/IMG/jpg/8/6/5/4/1/Honda-Foresight-250-04.jpg