Hanna D. - La ragazza del Vondel Park

Hanna D. - La ragazza del Vondel Park poster
Year 1984
Minutes 84
Category Movie
Genres Drama

Hanna is a girl completely abandoned to herself, is not at all inhibited sexually, and is attracted to the attention of unscrupulous people like Miguel, who takes advantage of Hanna, turning her to prostitution to obtain her drug fix. Until she meets Alex, a young man with a sincere affection for Hanna.

Honda CB750

Honda four, but i don't know if is a 500 or a 750, or a 550...

Honda CB750K, last of the 4 pipe honda's but the 1st using the DOHC engine

Suzuki DR400

The text on the saddle might help ID this one. DR was a Suzuki model (but seems newer than this) and CR was a Honda.

It's either a DR400 or the 370 version built for some markets.

Kawasaki Z1000A1

Kawasaki Z1000A1 minor vehicle

Too big to be a Z650, only 2 exhausts so it must be a Z1000, brake calipers in front of the fork legs = Z1000A1.