Gula divisionen

The year is 1954. The war in Korea has just ended and the superpowers stand by each side of the boarder. The peace in Europe is fragile and the cold war is imminent. At F8 - Air Fore Base, the yellow squadron stand ready with its J29 fighters.

DKW SB500 Normal

SB500 Normal

Maybe one of these?? But this page shows it as a 350. A mystery but a rare bike anyway. DKW RT 175 '36- SB 500 Normal

Motorcycle license plate B9129 or E9129(?). B = Stockholms län and E = Östergötlands län. Car license B9129 was on a 1939 Ford car in 1957. Car license E9129 didn't belong to any car, truck or bus in 1959.

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Year 1954
Minutes 86
Category Movie
Genres Drama
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