Gideon's Way

Year 1964
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Crime Drama Mystery

Lambretta LI Episode: 1.03

Lambretta LI background vehicle chase

two-tone scooter on the right (main pic)

C'est un Lambrestta LI Série 3.

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 1.03

Piaggio Vespa background vehicle

scooter in the middle (beside george cole) on the left here

In the main pic I see (left to right) a Piaggio Vespa, an unknown and a Lambretta.

James Captain Episode: 1.06

James Captain background vehicle

James Captain around 1955 - the later models appear to have the exhaust on the right. Thanks

Plate issued mid 59 - does that match the bike?

Norton Dominator 99 Episode: 1.09

This is a really tricky one! In the 1960s, the 'cafe racer' look was in and many motorcycles were modified to look more like the racers of the day. Although at first glance this has the appearance of a Manx Norton, it definitely isn't a Manx, as they were a 500cc single and this is clearly a twin. The engine is a Norton Dominator 99 unit (600cc twin), and looking at the other pictures, I'm almost certain that the bike is a Dominator 99 (1956-1962) fitted with a Manx replica tank and clip-on handlebars. All of the Norton twin engines look the same so I don't think we can even be sure it is a 600.

Summer 57 plate.

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 1.12

Piaggio Vespa minor vehicle

1964 plate.

Piaggio Vespa ou Douglas Vespa. Si quelqu'un en sait plus long?

Norton Jubilee Episode: 1.13

Norton Jubilee background vehicle Norton Jubilee wiki

Norton Jubilee 250. The first of these on the site I think. Not one of Norton's more successful models. Never seen one before, would never have guessed Norton

Douglas Vespa Episode: 1.16

Douglas Vespa background vehicle

Une paire de Piaggio Vespa façon "Mods"... Ou plutôt Douglas Vespa?

A vérifier, mais pourquoi pas? Link to ""

Norton Atlas 750 Episode: 1.25

I think all three bikes with dropped bars are Nortons and the middle bike is a Triumph. Norton Roadholder forks on the three...Rockers wouldn't have swapped them out....Nortons

Norton Atlas types, one with clubman bars, the other with clip-ons.

BSA B31 Episode: 1.25

BSA B31 minor vehicle BSA B31 wiki

The most distinctive part is the magneto drive cover which angles backwards at about 45 degrees. The best match is a BSA M21, in this case modified with high-rise handlebars.

This is an overhead valve B series model with swinging arm rear suspension from 1954 on - either a 350cc B31 or a 500cc B33. There was a change of thank badge long the way there somewhere too.

BSA B34 Gold Star Episode: 1.25

BSA B34 Gold Star minor vehicle

on the right (BSA?) main pic

A BSA B34 Gold Star.

Norton Dominator 88 Episode: 1.25

Another modified bike. On the first thumbnail you can see the side of the engine quite clearly and it appears to be a BSA A10 engine, so this is more than likely an A10 Rocket or Rocket Gold Star. This is another Norton twin, fitted with the same style of tank as this one /vehicle_196758-Norton-unknown.html. I intially thought that it had rather odd looking rear shocks but realise they are the mounts for the mufflers.

I'm guessing modified, partially stripped Norton Domi 88, with Lyta type alloy tank

Piaggio Vespa 150 GS Episode: 1.25

It's a VESPA 150 GS which was "modsified" There are no "Super Sport" here; GS already means "Grand Sport"

May-Dec 59 plates.