Gangsterzy i filantropi

The movie consists of two satirical novel based on the same idea: both the "gangsters" and "philanthropists" end up in the courtroom.

BSA Gold Star

Gold Star

Jawa? Monocylindres quatre temps inconnus (injustement) en Europe de l'Ouest... I can't help it, but they look like Triumphs to me. Dimple on the tank seems remains of BSA badge. I guess this scrambler is based on BSA Goldstar (1953-57 by engine shape & black brake drum) Thank you Jun, for this and SHL bike! Maybe you can check the other SHL which I've listed, I'm not sure if the model is correct. /vehicle_63318-SHL-M11.html Thank you & you are right. The bike you've listed is M11


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Gangsterzy i filantropi poster

Year 1963
Minutes 82
Category Movie
Genres Action Comedy Crime
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