Fontána pre Zuzanu

Fontána pre Zuzanu poster
Year 1986
Minutes 81
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Drama Musical

The second full-length film of director Dusan Rapos. It was based on Eleonora Gasparova's novel of the same title. The director tells a story about the life and troubles of young people living in the city. The teenagers have to face real life, make their first major decisions, and learn that romance sometimes brings disappointment. The original Slovak music composed for the film by Vaso Patejdl contributed greatly to the film's atmosphere. It helped to make The Fountain for Suzanne a legendary picture of Slovak cinematography at the time.

Montesa Cota

Montesa Cota main character

Montesa Cota des dernières années... (mais j'avais hésité entre Montesa et JCM...)


WW2 era Zundapp K800?

wow, nice find. Must be a 1935 BMW R 12 The fork looks like more Zündapp K800 but the cylinder is BMW

Jawa S11

Jawa S11 main character

Jawa Stadion S11 Lien utile pour les identifier, ces Jawa...