Year 1987
End 1988
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Drama

BMW R80RT Episode: 1.02

BMW R80RT 00:13:15 minor vehicle BMW R80RT wiki

2 of them as outriders flanking the XJ with VIP passenger.

R80 RT

Piaggio Vespa PK125 Episode: 1.07

Piaggio Vespa PK125 00:30:13 background vehicle

Pick'n'mix for mopeds or scooter. I see a silver Piaggio Vespa PK 125. A gauche, Motobécane 88. Et à droite, Peugeot 103 Sport, et un dernier Peugeot 103...

Thanks. I've chosen the scooter as the rarest on imcdb, and because there are other MB 88 and P103 entries in this series.

Suzuki GP125 Episode: 2.04

Suzuki GP125 00:19:38 background vehicle

Page for either of the 2 on the right. The two red on left should both be Honda MT 5 - as separate page - if not they can be identified here. Blue with L plates is a Suzuki GP 125, RHS is an MZ 125.

Suzuki gets it as we don't have many.

Honda MT 5 Episode: 2.04

Honda MT 5 00:12:20 chase

There are 2 of these red bikes with blue seats with MT-5 logo on side in these sequences - this one in these 2 thumbs may have a 86-87 D plate - does that sound right? Both MT-5 bikes on left here - one with yellow headlight panel, the other plain red:

Suzuki TS125 Episode: 2.04

Suzuki TS125 00:19:36 minor vehicle Suzuki TS125 wiki

DVLA details for A362 HAD are: Date of Liability 01 04 1993 Date of First Registration 03 01 1984 Year of Manufacture 1984 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 123cc CO2 Emissions Not Available Fuel Type PETROL Export Marker N Vehicle Status Unlicensed Vehicle Colour RED Vehicle Type Approval Not Available Looks like TS or T5 badging - over to anyone who knows anything about bikes. I don't.