Fled poster
Year 1996
Minutes 98
Category Movie
Genres Action Adventure Crime

During a routine prison work detail, convict Piper is chained to Dodge, a cyberhacker, when gunfire breaks out. Apparently, the attack is related to stolen money that the Mafia is after, and some computer files that somebody wants desperately to bury. The pair, who don't exactly enjoy each other's company, escape and must work together if they are to reach Atlanta alive. Luckily, they meet a woman who may be willing to help them.

Ducati 916

I dont understand this, it says 616 but then it is a 916 ?? please bikes experts It's explained in the movie: the wrong number tell them where the disc is hidden.

Dialouge listed a handful of stats for the bike. Hopefully they were correctly recited by Stephen Baldwin, and not f@#%$d up by the scriptwriters.

Honda CR250R

Honda CR250R background vehicle Honda CR250R wiki

Honda CR 250 R , ca1995 98-01 ? 1997, not '95. Still movie is from 1996... Movie was released November. Depends on when 1997 models were released as to if one could have been in the movie.

Hm, I've recently searched some pictures, because I felt something is not right here... Then I realised it's a 1996 CR 250. Link to "images.search.yahoo.com" The design is similar to the 1997 models- that's why I formerly thought it's a '97. I don't think it's a replica, because the guy on the CR seems to be Jeremy McGrath himself.

Suzuki GSX-R750

Suzuki ( y a que Suzuki pour faire des dosserets aussi vilains...) GSXR ou Hayabusa...

1996 Suzuki GSX-R 750 http://www.motorcycle.com/mo/mcsuz/1996gsxr750/jpgs/sleekpg.jpg

Kawasaki KX250

Kawasaki KX250 background vehicle Kawasaki KX250 wiki

Kawasaki KX....something

its a 96 kawasaki kx 250