Filth: The Mary Whitehouse Story

Triumph Thunderbird 1600

Thunderbird 1600
minor vehicle

It is a Triumph Thunderbird. I don't know the make of the sidecar. We can't see the right hand side of the bike so it is difficult to date. It is like this one Link to "" I would date it at 1953. The 1952 models had painted wheels because of the chrome shortage due to the Korean war.

Registered late 1950 (or 1951 MY - does the model year system apply to 1950s bikes the same as cars?) The vehicle details for LND 460 are: Date of Liability 01 03 2009 Date of First Registration 05 10 1950 Year of Manufacture Not Available Cylinder Capacity (cc) 650CC Vehicle Colour BLUE

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Year 2008
Minutes 90
Category Movie made for TV
Genres Biography Comedy Drama
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