Year 2002
End 2003
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Action Crime Thriller

Ducati 900 MHE Episode: 01

Ducati 900 MHE background vehicle

the one on the left Moto-Guzzi V11 Le Mans, mais pas sûr... La forme du carénage correspond, mais celle des échappements? Cela dit, ça semble être une expo de motos italiennes de différentes marques. Donc possible... Also strange Aprilia appeared in this TV-movie (it may be show model) /vehicle_84709-unknown.html That bike is NOT a Moto Guzzi V11 Le Mans It is the Ducati MH 900.

C'est bien la Ducati 900 MHE et non une moto Guzzi.

Ducati 944 ST2 Episode: 01

Ducati 944 ST2 background vehicle

the one on the right Ducati 944 ST2.

Celle de gauche est une Ducati 900 MHE, celle qui est derrière est une Ducati 748S Senna (peinture grise jantes rouges). Par contre, celle qui est derrière la 944 semble être une autre Ducati, peut-être une 916 ST4 ou une 996 ST4S

Aprilia RSV1000 Episode: 01

Aprilia RSV 1000 R

MV Agusta F4 S750 Episode: 02

the red one MV Agusta. 750 F4, ca. 2001?? Jean-Pierre, à toi


Kawasaki KZ1000P Episode: 02

Kawa 1000 ?

Kawasaki Police 1000

Ducati Monster Episode: 02

The yellow,seen lattice-patterned chassis frame seems a Ducati Monster Small oil cooler suggests Monster 900 over 600 where it is absent. Yellow is a very rare colour for a 750 (mostly silver/grey/dark), so unlikely to be one of those too.

It looks just like my 2004 Monster M800ie. Mine is also yellow-a widely available color on this model during MY2003 and MY2004.

Suzuki RM125 Episode: 02

Suzuki RM? agreed suzuki rm


Suzuki RM250 Episode: 02

another suzuki rm

rm 250 !

Aprilia RSV1000 Episode: 02

Aprilia RSV 1000

Aprilia SL1000 Falco Episode: 02

Which one? The grey one... Cagiva Raptor? the grey one

It may be based on Aprilia SL 1000 Falco (2001-) Link to "" But it matchs it production model, show model or custom?

Ducati Monster S4916 Episode: 04

Ducati Monster S4916 background vehicle

Ducati Monster S4 916

Suzuki RM125 Episode: 10

Suzuki RM125 background vehicle Suzuki RM125 wiki

'01- Suzuki RM125 Tank decal seems changed(for hiding maunfacturer?)

Harley-Davidson Chopper Episode: 18

Harley-Davidson Chopper background vehicle

Harley-Davidson chopperized!

Suzuki RM250 Episode: 20

looks like a 2 stroke suzuki Yes, this is two Suzuki RM!


Yamaha YZF450 Episode: 20

Because of the color of the bikes (blue and yellow) and the sponsors (Kawaba for example) I think that the brand is Sherco, but I don't know which models... The red is a Honda CRF and the two blue is Yamaha YZ. Maybe YZF... It won't be a Yamaha YZF, because then it would be an R1... But it looks a lot like a Yamaha YZ450F. Smaller engined models have different exhaust pipe arrangements (looking from the front the pipe goes down and to the right on the 250 for example, on the 450 it goes out and to the left as can be just about seen in the picture) Here's a pic of a YZ450F

YZ 450F!