Esupai poster
Year 1974
Minutes 94
Category Movie
Genres Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller

The film deals with the recruitment of race car driver Jiro Miki (Masao Kusakari) and his dog, Caesar, to a group of people who use ESP, psychokinesis, and other special mental abilities to fight crime.

Honda CB750

Honda CB750 01:10:02 minor vehicle Honda CB750 wiki

Honda CB 750… or Kawasaki 900? Honda. 500 Four, il me semble...

Ben... Finalement, ça serait bien une 750.

Honda CB77P

Honda CB77P 01:10:03 minor vehicle

It seems to be ritual in Japan (or in Japanese movies) to have an uneven pair of motorbikes in official cortèges, a big one and a little or older one. Early Honda 450?

Honda CB 77 P like these: /vehicle_327828-Honda-CB-77-P-1967.html ?