Escape to Athena

Escape to Athena poster
Year 1979
Minutes 125
Category Movie
Genres Action Adventure Comedy

During the World War II, the prisoners of a German camp in a greek island are trying to escape. They don't want only their freedom, but they also seek for an ineffable treasure hidden in a monastery at the top of the island's mountain.

Ural 650

Ural 650 chase

occasionally changes to a trials bike.! Dnepr "germanifiée?"

Ural 650, probably M66


NSU HK101 background vehicle minor vehicle

listed it as tracked vehicle? (it's not a bike & sidecar and not a custom) It's a NSU Kettenkrad (with an Opel Blitz-engine in the back). How shall we list it? "Krad" (from "Kraftrad") means motorbike. We have listed annother one as military amoured vehicle: /vehicle_12295-NSU-SdKfz2-Kettenkrad-1940.html

Please change name: "Sd.Kfz.2" should be put as extra info, since it's only the internal army designation and therefore not part of the model name.

Suzuki RV50 VanVan

Suzuki RV50 VanVan background vehicle

Seems different than this one: /vehicle_341379-Honda-Monkey.html If not, we should regroup.

Suzuki 50 Van-Van?

Suzuki Van Van RV50

Suzuki Van Van RV50 background vehicle

Not Monkey. I think Suzuki Vanvan 50.