Annie is a middle-age wife, still sexy and pampered by her husband, Phillippe, who is the owner and general manager of a dynamic company. Under the deluge of sexy Swedish movies, sexy advertising on the streets, sexy intimate clothing in ladies' shops, and even talks about sex and marital infidelity with her mother and female friends, Annie starts feeling left aside by her husband, and trying to attract in a number of ways - and failing. It's not the all-purpose secretary at the office that is keeping him late, it's a tax expert that, asking the most innocent questions, is finding out how Philippe can manage a company without profits, and still manage a home, may be two... with high quality levels.

Honda CB450K0

minor vehicle

Aux garde-boues, je parierais assez volontiers pour une Honda CB 450, avec un carénage selle-réservoir "Church" (j'y peux rien, il s'appelle comme ça, cet accessoiriste!)

Triumph Thunderbird 1600

Thunderbird 1600
background vehicle

Dark car is an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint circa 65. The white car with the headlights looks like a Renault Alpine. Gold 68 Camaro behind the Alfa. Pis derrière, y a un Ford Transit, et le monsieur a une casquette jaune... Mais il me semble que sur l'en-tête de cette photo, il y a marqué "Moto-routière". Donc, ne serait-ce point la moto que l'on cherche à identifier? Triumph... T'énerve pas Jean-Pierre! Si ça les soulage d'étaler leurs connaissances... Et puis c'est toujours utile, au cas où quelqu'un se demande ce que sont les autos en voyant l'image

This one is a Thunderbird not a Bonneville and has a pre-unit engine so is 1957-59.

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Erotissimo poster

Year 1969
Minutes 100
Category Movie
Genres Comedy
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