El prado de las estrellas

El prado de las estrellas poster
Year 2007
Minutes 85
Category Movie
Genres Drama

Alfonso is a retiree who visits Nanda, an elderly woman who was like his mother when he was orphaned, at a residence where Luisa, a young social worker, works. One morning, collecting snails in the Prado de las Estrellas, Alfonso meets a young man who emerges from the mist on his bike. Thereafter a friendship is born between the old master and the promising young cyclist. Alfonso, supported by his friends, without equipment or sponsors, will make a great champion from Martin, and most importantly, a great guy.

Bultaco 240 Sherpa

Bultaco 240 Sherpa background vehicle

large Bultaco badge on the wall 240 Sherpa, 1970...

Too old to be a 1970 (which would have been a Model 49), more likely an earlier Model 10. Especially considering the radial head.

Bultaco Astro

Bultaco Astro background vehicle

Bultaco ASTRO

Bultaco Chispa 50

Bultaco Chispa 50 background vehicle

red one on the floor Bultaco Sherpa, ou Alpina?

It's a Bultaco Chispa 50.

Lambretta D

Lambretta D background vehicle

c'est un Lambretta type D

Bultaco Pursang

Bultaco Pursang background vehicle

For the yellow and green one the yellow one seems to be a resprayed Bultaco


Bultaco Pursang MK11

Bultaco Pursang MK11 background vehicle

Bultaco PURSANG MK11 250CC


Bultaco TSS

Bultaco TSS background vehicle Bultaco TSS wiki

Bultaco pour ce qui est du moteur...

Bultaco TSS, about late 60s?

Bultaco TSS350

Bultaco TSS350 background vehicle

As far as I can tell all of the bikes in these shots are Bultacos. Bultaco raced mostly 125s and 250s in GP racing in the 1960s but as they were both based on the same basic motor unit it is difficult to tell them apart. The bikes, both off road and circuit racers, are all fairly old models - 1960s and '70s. It would need a Bultaco expert to identify them. Maybe someone in Spain can get hold of a Bultaco Owners Club member to identify them?? TSS? Metralla 250? TSS before 1965? Air, not water for engine cooling. But the frame doesn't look like 1960.

It's a Bultaco TSS 350.

Harley-Davidson WLD

Harley-Davidson WLD background vehicle

Une Harley avec moteur Flathead (d'avant 1948) sûrement une WLD