Ein Fall für Zwei

Year 1981
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Crime Thriller

Kawasaki GPX750

Matula's bike

Kawasaki GPX 750

Yamaha XT500

Yamaha XT500, paint scheme is 1979.

KTM 125 MC Episode: 08.05

KTM 125 MC minor vehicle

KTM 125 ou 250 MC

Honda CBF Episode: 08.05

Honda CBF background vehicle

Honda CBF... Suivie de près par une autre Honda, CX de cylindrée inconnue. 400 ou 500...

Et encadrée, à droite, par une Kawasaki KLR 600.

Honda CR125R Episode: 08.05

La rouge, Honda CR 125...

Honda CX500 Episode: 08.05

Honda CX500 background vehicle Honda CX500 wiki

1981 CX500E (possibly a 400)

Suzuki DR600 Episode: 08.05

Suzuki DR600 background vehicle

Suzuki DR 600...

Suzuki GSG1100 Episode: 08.05

Suzuki GSG1100 background vehicle

Suzuki GSG 1100?

Kawasaki KX125 Episode: 08.05

Vraisemblablement Kawasaki KX 125?

Ducati Pantah unknown Episode: 08.05

Ducati Pantah unknown background vehicle

Ducati Pantah. Cylindrée inconnue. 400, 500 voire 600...

1983 Ducati 650 SL Pantah.

BMW R80GS Episode: 08.05

BMW R80GS background vehicle

BMW R 80 GS accessoirisée...

Suzuki RM125 Episode: 08.05

Suzuki RM 125?

Yamaha XT500 Episode: 08.05

Yamaha XT500 background vehicle Yamaha XT500 wiki

Yamaha XT. 400 ou 500?

Yamaha XV750 Episode: 10.04

Yamaha XV750 background vehicle Yamaha XV750 wiki

Yamaha XV 750 SE

Triumph unknown Episode: 1.03

It's a Triumph, can't tell what.

Piaggio Bravo Episode: 11.01

Piaggio Bravo?

Suzuki DR600 Episode: 11.01

Suzuki DR600 chase

Suzuki DR 600?

Yeah, DR600S, around 1984.

Kawasaki KMX200 Episode: 11.02

Kawasaki KMX200 Ou 125?

Yamaha SR500 Episode: 11.02

Yamaha SR500 background vehicle Yamaha SR500 wiki

Yamaha SR500

BMW R80RT Episode: 11.03

BMW R80RT minor vehicle BMW R80RT wiki

When I see this pic, I cannot help but think of the "Werner" comic where Werner pukes on such a Polizei-BMW, and when asked why he did it, he replies "I'm sorry, it must be the design of your machine!"

R80 RT?

Harley-Davidson WLC Episode: 11.03

WW2 era Harley WLA? Ou WLC?

Harley-Davidson FL Episode: 12.01

Shovelhead FL Electraglide

1970s 1200?

Kawasaki KDX125 Episode: 12.01

KDX 125...

NSU Quickly Episode: 12.01

NSU Quickly background vehicle NSU Quickly wiki

NSU Quickly S2/23.

Suzuki GS750 Episode: 12.02

Suzuki GS750 background vehicle Suzuki GS750 wiki

Looks like a Suzuki GS 750 or 850


Hercules unknown Episode: 12.06

Hercules unknown background vehicle

Yamaha XC180 Episode: 13.01

Yamaha XC180 background vehicle

1982+ Yamaha Cygnus [XC180]

The trim and a few very minor things are throwing me off, but who cares - I don't think there's any other scooter in the world with such a design: http://www.dirk-lisner.de/resources/Yamaha+XC180+Cygnus.jpg

Moto Guzzi 750 S3 Episode: 13.03

Une des meilleures motos de son époque... Si je l'avais gardée... Snifff...

"So eine Maschine fährt nicht so häufig rum", sagt der Experte

Honda CX500 Episode: 13.08

Honda 500 ( ou 400, va savoir...) CX GL...

Honda MTX50 RII Episode: 13.09

MTX RII as written on it in the 3rd. thumb. 50 ou 80?

Put it down as a 50 until proven otherwise?

Honda CX500B Episode: 14.02

Honda CX500B minor vehicle

Honda CX500B circa 1979. AKA the plastic maggot.

Ou 400, va savoir?

Moto Guzzi V1000G5 Episode: 14.02

Moto Guzzi. 1000 G5? 1000 Convert?

Honda CBR600F2 Episode: 14.08

Honda CBR either 500 or 600 600F2

Honda XLS125 Episode: 14.09

Honda XLS125 background vehicle

Honda XL250S


BMW R Episode: 15.03

BMW R minor vehicle


Kawasaki GPZ400UT Episode: 15.04

Kawasaki GPZ400UT background vehicle

Kawasaki GPZ, 550? 750? 1100? You choose. might be wrong, but have a certain feeling it is a GPz 400 by flat but large mirror and black wheels, while my GPz 550 has streamlined mirrors with red wheels http://pics.imcdb.org/14694/bild041.jpg

Link to "databikes.com"

Piaggio Sfera Episode: 15.05

Piaggio Sfera background vehicle

1992+ Sfera, not Zip.

Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Episode: 15.09

Early nineties Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic Similar looking: Link to "databikes.com"

BMW K75RT Episode: 19.01

BMW K75RT minor vehicle BMW K75RT wiki

BMW K 75 ?

Model is "K 75 RT".

Piaggio Vespa S Episode: 30.04

Looks like a square headlight, so Vespa S.

Ep 7.09 & 11.07 :

Kawasaki AR80 Episode: 3.03

Kawasaki AR80 background vehicle Kawasaki AR80 wiki

Honda MB 5 ou 8...

Quoique... Voir du côté des p'tits Kawasaki. Genre AR 80?

Kawasaki Z1000 Episode: 3.03

Kawasaki Z1000 background vehicle

Kawasaki KZ 1000?

Kawasaki GPZ1100A1 Episode: 3.07

Kawasaki GPz 1100 B2 1984 No, B1 & B2 models were twin shock, that's a GPZ1100A1 model, formally a ZX1100A1

Matula's first bike in the series. Used from 3.07 on in some episodes

Harley-Davidson FXE Super Glide Episode: 4.05

Harley-Davidson FXE Super Glide background vehicle

FXE Superglide?

Just like this one - Link to "suprememotos.com"

Kawasaki GPZ1100 Episode: 4.06

Kawasaki GPZ1100 background vehicle

Honda Transalp? I think this is 1980s. It looks to be something sporty with a half fairing.

Kawasaki GPZ 1100, sans certitude...

BMW R 60/7 Episode: 4.07

BMW R 60/7 minor vehicle

BMW R 60/7 RTisée...

Kawasaki KLR600 Episode: 4.08


Moto Morini 501 New-York Episode: 5.06

Pour le peu qu'on en voit, Morini 501 Excalibur?

Ou New-York, plutôt...

Suzuki GS450 Episode: 6.07

Suzuki GSG 750. Ou 850... The 4 cylinder Suzuki's would have an oblong fuel filler cap, I think that's a Suzuki GS250T http://www.ocasionmoto.com.ar/DSCN1308_(6)%5B1%5D.jpg Possibly a 400 or 450 but without a view of the side panels we'll never know.

Exact. Et, en plus, les customs du début des années 80 s'appelaient GSL, pour Limited... GS 250 ou 400 L?

BMW K75S Episode: 6.07

BMW K75S background vehicle BMW K75S wiki

K 75...

Kawasaki KLR600 Episode: 6.07

Kawasaki KLR600 chase minor vehicle

Kawasaki KLR 600 des premiers millésimes? 1984? Après vérification...

BMW R Episode: 6.07

BMW R chase

Kawasaki Z1000 R2 Episode: 6.07

Kawasaki Z1000 R2 minor vehicle

Kawasaki GPZ 1100?

Deffo a GPZ (repainted), engine size unknown.

BMW R 80/7 Episode: 8.06+

BMW R 80/7 chase

BMW.. Dr. Frank's (and Umba's) sidecar R 80/7 des dernières séries, dosseret de selle spécifique.

Used from ep. 8.06+

NSU Quickly L Episode: 8.09

I think it's a NSU Quickly L.