Easy Wheels

Easy Wheels poster
Year 1989
Minutes 94
Category Movie
Genres Action Comedy

A group of leather-clad bikers are on the trail of the female bikers who are stealing babies all over the state and selling them on the black market.

Honda CB 500/4

Far left in first:

Honda CB 500-550/4

Suzuki GS450 TXD

Suzuki GS450 TXD main character

The bike of Wendy the waitress when she joins the men's gang to take out the women's gang:

Suzuki GS 450 TXD, 1983.

Kawasaki LTD454

Kawasaki LTD454 main character

Leader of the women's gang:

Kawasaki EN 450, AKA 454 LTD, 85-90.

Yamaha RX50

Yamaha RX50 main character Yamaha RX50 wiki

Bruce the reporter is saved by the men's gang and this is the bike he uses when he joins them: Yamaha RX 50


Yamaha SR250

Possibly Yamaha SR 250.

Harley-Davidson unknown

Harley-Davidson unknown minor vehicle

Seen at the beginning and end of the film, and only in close-up, post gang war with Bruce and Wendy:

Confusing model, indications are FLSTS Heritage Springer, introduced in 1997, FXSTS Softail Springer was introduced in '88 but stuff like light bar, heavy valanced mudguard, brake caliper etc are wrong. ???

Honda VT500 Ascot

Honda VT500 Ascot main character

Leader of the men's gang

Honda VT 500 Ascot, 1984.

Honda XL500

Honda XL500 main character Honda XL500 wiki

Honda XL 250-500 S, 78-81 (250), 79-81 (500).

Yamaha XS400 Special II

Yamaha XS400 Special II main character

XS 400 Special II, 80-82.

Yamaha XS650

Yamaha XS 650 SE or SF, 78-79.