Drive poster
Year 1997
Minutes 100
Category Movie
Genres Action Adventure Comedy

Drive follows Toby Wong, whose employers at Hong Kong's Leung Corporation have implanted in his chest a bio-energy module that enhances his physical abilities. Toby has escaped from the Leung Corporation's control and is making his way to Los Angeles, where a competing company has offered to remove the implant and give him his life back.After arriving in San Francisco, Toby encounters -- and, in desperation, kidnaps -- Malik Brodie, who has the means to get him to Los Angeles. Following close behind are professional assassins and junk-culture connoisseurs Vic Madison and The Hedgehog, who are pursuing Toby in the employ of the Leung Corporation's president, Mr. Lau.

Ducati 916

Ducati 916 minor vehicle Ducati 916 wiki

Ducati? Yes - Ducati 916


Suzuki DR350

Suzuki DR350S (have the same in yellow) lol!

maybe the DR250S (same frame)

Kawasaki KLR600

Fantic Trial (Techno)