Double Team

Double Team poster
Director Hark Tsui
Actors Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Rodman, Mickey Rourke, Paul Freeman
Year 1997
Minutes 93
Category Movie
Genres Action Comedy Sci-Fi
Awards 4 wins.

An international spy teams up with an arms dealer to escape from a penal colony and rescue his family from a terrorist.

Cagiva 600 W16

Cagiva 600 W16 00:02:03 minor vehicle Cagiva 600 W16 wiki

Cagiva military enduros(seems called WX or WRX the series,don't recall better),like the ones seen into 1995 007 movie"Goldeneye"into movie teaser,before titles opening

I think Cagiva 600 W16 (1994-) ...but I don't know military model exist or not, and have another name or not.

Ducati Monster 900

Ducati Mostro (ou Monster), mais laquelle?

Ducati 900 Monster.

Husqvarna WR125

Another Italian-made Husqvarna "by Cagiva"(as all post-1985 ones produced),believe of 400 or 500 cc. WR125 (1995-)

The WR series bikes are the 2 stroke road-legal enduro models made by Husqvarna, which mount frontlights, backlights and license plate. I'm pretty sure it's a '95-97 Husqvarna CR 125 with a light mounted in the mask expressly to help the stuntman in the dark traits. Furthermore, a WR 125 was more expensive than his not-homologated cross version, the CR. I own a 1995 Husqvarna WR 125.