Dikiy vostok

Dikiy vostok poster
Year 1993
Minutes 98
Category Movie
Genres Action

The Solar Children, a group of dwarves who left the circus, are trying to start a settlement in the Kyrgyzstan wilderness just after the breakup of the Soviet Union, but are harassed by a gang of bikers. With their meager savings, they hire a ragtag group of heroes to drive off the bikers.

Ural 650

Ural 650 minor vehicle

Left - Ural 650 Customized URAL and customized bikes JAWA-350/638 Wolf

Rather not in post-Soviet Russia...

CZ Typ513

CZ Typ513 minor vehicle

cz 250 513

Jawa Typ 638.5

Jawa Typ 638.5 minor vehicle

Modifed JAWA 638

Customised JAWA 350/638.5