Die Motorrad-Cops: Hart am Limit

Year 2000
End 2001
Minutes 45
Category TV Series
Genres Action Crime

BMW R1150GS Episode: 1.01

R 1150 GS?

Would agree

Honda VF750 Episode: 1.01

Honda VF750 background vehicle Honda VF750 wiki

Honda VF 750 C Magna?

This is 1987-1988 Honda VF750c

MuZ Skorpion 660 Episode: 1.02

frame looks like the ones who where "glued" and not weld: think MüZ with Rotax engine Skorpion 660 Polizei Rotax ou Yamaha? A voir ça: Link to "www.museum-digital.de" , Yamaha pour le moteur...

Ep. 2.06, :

Honda CR125R Episode: 1.03

This is always the same bike?

This is always the same bike? Pas sûr. La moto "principale" semble fort être une CRM 125 r: Link to "www.motorbikespecs.net" avec un pot d'échappement accessoire...

Husqvarna FC Episode: 1.03

Husqvarna FC background vehicle

TC or TE series

FC or FE series's because it's a 4 stroke

Kawasaki KX Episode: 1.03

Kawasaki KX background vehicle

KX, engine & year?

Suzuki RM250 Episode: 1.03

SUZUKI written on it...

Can't say for definite what engine size but if we say 250, it must be 1982 (1st year watercooled) to 1985 (last year drum front brake). RM 250, 82-85? FYI, 125's went watercooled in '81 and disc in 85.

Yamaha YZ Episode: 1.03

Yamaha YZ background vehicle

MZ Baghira 660 Episode: 1.06

Ep. 1.05 : Ep. 3.06 : mz baghira 660

Origin Germany.

Hercules K125BW Episode: 1.07

Hercules K 125 BW.

BMW R1200C Episode: 1.08

BMW R1200C main character BMW R1200C wiki

1997+ BMW R 1200 C, just like the one from Pierce Brosnan's stuntman. Ep. 1.05:

replace 2.01

Yamaha YZ250 Episode: 2.04

Yamaha YZ250 background vehicle Yamaha YZ250 wiki

YZ 250

Ducati 900 SSie Episode: 2.05

Ducati 900 SSie main character

Pas plus précis? http://www.motoplanete.com/ducati/2033/900-SS-ie-1998/contact.html , Gougueule est ton ami... If you say so, I won't deny it... Anyway, it's more correct "900 SS ie" or instead "900 SSie"? O ancora meglio "900 SS-ie"? Come si chiama quella Ducati sui documenti publicitari?

Io ho anche trovato i manuali d'uso e manutenzione e il manuale per l'officina, ma non ci ho capito nulla... Link to "www.4shared.com" Link to "www.4shared.com" Comunque viene citata come "Supersport 900 i.e." o qualcosa del genere.

Yamaha XJ550 Episode: 2.05

I've forgot to add the Maker's name.

Yamaha XJ 550? (pas 650, il ùme semble voir une chaîne...)

Honda XLR500 Episode: 2.05

Honda XLR500 chase

Que revoilà ici, la Honda 500 XLR...

Yamaha XS650 Episode: 2.05

Yamaha XS650 background vehicle Yamaha XS650 wiki

A priori, Yamaha 650 XS (le bicylindre...)

Montesa 315 Episode: 2.07

Montesa 315 chase

Montesa? montesa 315 2002 for sure Spanish origin? Yep. But a 2002 bike in a 2000-01 series? Why not? It was probably filmed late 2001, when the 2002 were available. Ah, how do I put this? I knew that some cars were sold in a specific year as a follow-up model (e.g the 2002 Escalade available in early 2001) but I didn't know bike manufacturers did it too. Broadcast in october 2000 : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0651609/?ref_=ttep_ep7 So it was. Please disregard my comment.

But then is Montesa 315 correct too? As it was "2002 for sure"

Kreidler Florett 50 Episode: 3.01

Kreidler Florett RS but could be made in the Netherlands by John Bos who purchased machinery starting production 1987 by http://www.kreidler.nl/bov/vis0112g.jpg Kreidler Germany ceased production in 1982 often tuned top speed 100 Km/h hottie, but moped 50ccm guess, jplemoine will like it So...is this a Kreidler Florett RS or not? the sad biker There's a few different versions, Florett RS, RM RMC etc, I'll let you Germans decide a final designation. think we can go with Kreidler Florett RS by DEFAULT if no objections, as the original stickes are taped over

origin germany

Yamaha 4L0 Episode: 3.02

Yamaha 4L0 minor vehicle

Yamaha RD 250 350

Mhouais... RD-LC 250 ou 350, 4L0...

Honda CB1100SF X-11 Episode: 3.02

Honda CB1100SF X-11 background vehicle

blue and black one seem to be same model I should know what they are but don't yet At the back there's a Zephyr 1100 and a Honda VT 1100 C Shadow They're aftermarket fairings so I.D. is a little difficult. maybe helps There are 2 different bikes here, zoom into the black one and it's a Bandit, (600/1200?) blue is something else altogether and I don't know what. Edit:- I thought I knew that alternator cover, it's a heavily modified VMX 1200 V-Max with USD forks, you can see the ram-air scoop in the main pic. Just the blue bike with grey beam frame left to I.D. And the final one, Honda CB1100SF aka X-11. 99-01. so out of this bikes which is the rarest to list ?

Rarest = X-11, most interesting is the V-Max (but the fairing is ugly and doesn't suit), I'd have the Zephyr as long as it came with a lifetime supply of ACF-50.

Honda CB 550/4 K Episode: 3.02

Honda CB 550/4 K background vehicle

1976 CB 550 Four.

Yamaha DT125 Episode: 3.02

Small Yamaha DT, probably 125 for 12bhp learner laws and all that. DT 125 MX.

Yamaha FZR1000 Episode: 3.02

R1 or R6, not enough detail for me.

FZR1000 Link to "media.pinterest.com.s3.amazonaws.com"

Suzuki GSX-R 750 L Episode: 3.02

This could be a similar model? modified GSX-R? suzuki gsx-r 750 88-89 in this picture same bike with srad 600-750 97>99 front top fairing and other not oem parts http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/Honda/honda_cbr900rr%2097.htm Honda CBR 900RR Fireblade the sad biker I think it's a GSX-R 750 or 1100, 1992 or thereabouts, it wasn't always yellow.

Make that a 1990 750 L model.

MuZ Skorpion Sport Replica Episode: 3.02

MuZ Skorpion Sport Replica supposedly 50 BHP , this doesn't sound much for sport bike

That's not what thumpers are about, it's the light weight and handling and low-mid range torque.

Cagiva unknown Episode: 3.02

Triumph? Finally solved this major motorcycle almost ten months later! I can't say what type it is, but it is definitely a Cagiva, either a Canyon or a Navigator: Link to "images.mcn.bauercdn.com" Does anyone on here know the difference between a Canyon 500, 600, Navigator and Gran Canyon 900? I would default to either Canyon or unknown for now. Sorry for being so repetitive, but Cagiva's model politics are really confusing! I would name it Canyon but the two air holes above the rear wheel don't match with that model. Yes, that's the biggest problem: none of them have that smaller intake over the big one... 500? 600? That's a dinky little 125cc 2 stroke! I can't find any 125cc Cagivas that look like this...

It might have been a lash-up for the show, make a cheap little 125 look like a Canyon then crash it?

Yamaha XT600 Episode: 3.02

Yamaha XT600 background vehicle Yamaha XT600 wiki

XT 600

Yamaha YZF-R1 Episode: 3.02

Yamaha YZF-R1 background vehicle Yamaha YZF-R1 wiki

1st Generation YZF-R1, 98-03. is the green one interesting ? ZX6-R or ZX9-R, probably 600 clipped out for proddy racing. It's a YZF750R http://www.yzf750r.com/bigpics/yzf750r.jpg

I won't disagree but can't match the paint scheme.

Kawasaki ZX-R Ninja Episode: 3.02

Kawa ZX-R Ninja

Honda Shadow 600 Episode: 3.03

Honda VT 600 C Shadow ep 3.02:

But with just two stars.

MZ Baghira 660 Episode: 3.05

MZ Baghira 660 main character

Ep. 2.04 mz 660 baghira (yamaha 660 xtz lc 5 valve engine)

Origin Germany.

Ural M-63 Episode: 3.05

looks like, but is not a BMW I more to a Dnierp Likely, as they were sold here in the 90ies. The Ural, too. Imported by a private garagist. I thought that was a BMW, because in a picture is viewable what for me seemed to be the BMW logo. On the other hand, I know less than nothing about bikes and I leave to recognize it to the experts. thanks ElSaxo! engine is a 750 OHV and I think Ural What a rip-off anyway, in the scene they said that was forgotten by the Schutzstaffeln towards the end of the WWII... ..which is pure bullshit. fine, I learn a new word: bullshit sure I have a good night Ural M63

action concept-Logik eben

Cagiva Canyon 500 Episode: Pilot

a clue for ID Ep. 2.05 Cagiva. and I am not sure what type of bike this is models is Canyon

Cagiva Canyon, I think 500 although there are 600 & 900 versions. Type? - Trail although it's more of a soft roader than off roader.

BMW R80RT Episode: Pilot

R 80 RT P Same one like: /vehicle_1143918-BMW-R-80-RT.html Probably /vehicle_1155816-Mercedes-Benz.html

actually think they had a small fleet of this