Dian dan che

Dian dan che poster
Year 1974
Category Movie
Genres Action

Forced to choose between the woman he loves and the dangerous, fast-paced life of motorcycles, what will our hero do? Will he toss the bike aside and pick the girl? Or will he leave the girl in favor of the bike? Or is there a chance for some sort of compromise?

Yamaha AT-2 125

Yamaha AT-2 125 minor vehicle

I think the base is a 1972 AT2 (125cc), wtih a raisd fender and removed headlight.

Honda CB250K0

Honda CB250K0 minor vehicle

CB250K0 with a Yamaha YDS5/YR1 to the right.

Honda CB350G

Honda CB350G background vehicle

A little odd, disc brake and chrome headlamp shrouds = CB350G but the paint scheme is K4, must be an intermediate model for the far east market?

According to this http://www.motorera.com/honda/h0350/sport350.htm#y-1972 "In some markets, a late model CB350G featured front disc brakes", so it's a 1972 CB350G in candy bacchus olive.

Honda CB350K4

CB350K4 and Suzuki T350R Rebel.

Honda Dax ST70

Honda Dax ST70 minor vehicle

Dax. I see the '70' badge at the body anyone for the luxoury [ADO16] left? Nope. It`s almost as bad as Rootescrap... Austin/Morris 1300 GT That ADO16 is a background car, without the whole outlook, so I ignore it.

Suzuki GT750K

Suzuki GT750K background vehicle

GT750K and a GT250K in the foreground Link to "www.suzukicycles.org" http://motorbike-search-engine.co.uk/classic_bikes/1973-gt250k.jpg

Bultaco Pursang

Bultaco Pursang background vehicle

Bultaco Pursang?

Suzuki T20X6

Suzuki T20X6 minor vehicle

Suzuki T20 (X6 or Super six)

Suzuki T250

Yet another Suzuki T250

Suzuki T250 Hustler

Suzuki T250 Hustler background vehicle

'69 T250 Hustler

Suzuki T250J

Suzuki T250J background vehicle

Graphics are the same as T250J, I can't match the colour though.

Suzuki T90 Wolf

Suzuki T90 Wolf background vehicle


T90 Wolf

Suzuki TS185K

What seems to be the same, but with changed / removed parts:

Je renomme: peu de chances qu'il s'agisse d'une Yam. Avec un réservoir Suzuki, un échappement de même provenance... Et si on la baptisait Suzuki?

Suzuki TS250

This one's a Suzuki TS, possibly a 250 they did some versions with chrome mudguards (low at the front), a mixture of these 2 ... Link to "s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com" http://classic-motorbikes.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/9101.jpg

Suzuki TS250K

Suzuki TS250K main character

1973 plate @The sad biker, could this be a 1973 Suzuki TS 250 K?


Yamaha TX750

BC = 1973 plate

Yamaha TX750

CZ unknown

CZ unknown background vehicle

Could be a CZ?