Diamonds Are Forever

A diamond smuggling investigation leads James Bond to Las Vegas, where he uncovers an evil plot involving a rich business tycoon.

Honda ATC90


Looking at the forks [ Honda ATC90] What the heck is up with the tires on these? There hardly aren't any rims, unless these are flotation tires.....?????

These bikes chase after Bond in the moon buggy. Bond manages to jump out of the buggy while they are still chasing him, and knocks one of the riders off, takes the bike and escapes. They are not flotation tires. they are bigger and inflated with more air to produce some leeway so the bike would not flip over entirely if it took a hard turn. Also the wheel provide good traction in rough terrain. Some poor guy in my town flipped one of these and broke his spine.

Okay. Man that sucks is that guy okay or is he permanently injured? Were these 3 or 4 speed? And did they Have high & low end? he is now...but she cant do gymnastics like she used to 1970 was first year for 3 wheeler for honda, so I say 3 speed until at least 1974 the bike uses a 90cc engine and sits on 22inch tires inflated to a low pressure...the machine can climb a gradient as steep as 35 degrees..the tyres are standard to the bike. Did this person have a sex change as well?

Does anyone know the specific metallic green color of the Honda ATC 90 trike ? Was it a Ford color, perhaps to match the Econoline vans used by Whyte Techtonics?

Triumph T100

minor vehicle

Dark night scene, so it is not certain. It's vertical twin but cylinder seems shorter than 650cc, and seems single carburator. I'll say Triumph Tiger100. Same pictures with contrast corrected: That's a little better Oh, clear view! More smaller than think before and have a little flat seat. Then I'll change my mind. Triumph Tiger 90 (1963-69 350cc twin) The only way to be exactly certain of the year is to see the colour of the tank. I don't think we can see enough of this bike to be certain if it is a 350 T90 or a 500 T100 - they are the same size bike. The 'eyebrow' tank badge suggests no earlier than 1966. The T90 finished in 1968. The tank appears to be one colour so I think it is 1969 which makes it a T100.

This scene is supposed to be in south Africa, but in reality it was filmed in the Nevada desert.

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Diamonds Are Forever poster
Director Guy Hamilton
Actors Sean Connery, Jill St. John, Charles Gray, Lana Wood

MetaScore 59
Year 1971
Minutes 120
Category Movie
Genres Action Adventure Thriller
Awards Nominated for 1 Oscar. Another 2 wins & 3 nominations.
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