Year 1974
End 1998
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Crime Drama

Honda CB500 Four Episode: 07

Honda CB500 Four background vehicle

deleted comment /vehicle_60172-Renault-16-R1152-1972.html

1972 CB500 Four.

Honda CB1100 Episode: 105

Honda CB1100 minor vehicle

CB 750 Encore une identification pour le moins pifométrique... Honda, ouais, mais 900 Bol d'0r deuxième série. Voire même 1100... mais pas 750, on voit le radiateur d'huile typique des "gros cubes"... certainement une cb 1100f de 1983 et plus, superbe. Yeah I concur that's DEFINITELY a 1983 CB1100F (made only the one year)- you can tell from the paint-job but also from a few key features as well. The gold wheels are a good indication, though not always definitive. It just is what it is 'cause it would be next to impossible to make the 900 look THAT MUCH like the 1100. Same thing really, in a certain sense. The CB1100F was like a "last blast" a deluxe balls out supreme version of the 900 - or the 750 for that matter - which just had all the best bells & whistles. Well the best AS Honda themselves saw it. Best of the breed would be a sort of "Bitsa" made from the parts of 'em all - like I'm building right now. My "CB900K0 Bol Bomber"!

Honda CX500 Episode: 105

Honda GL 500 GL avec carénage, ici, il s'agit d'une CX 500 C (voire 400 C)

Suzuki GS1000 Episode: 105

the blue one.... think Suzuki Strike 1979 Suzuki GS 1000 S Well done!

BMW R75/6 Episode: 105

BMW R75/6 minor vehicle

série /5 mais cylindrée ? 1969 BMW R 60/5 or R 75/5

Loupé. Ou camouflage de luxe. Caches latéraux de série 5, tableau de bord de série ultérieure, garde-boue avant d'origine inconnue, clignos noirs de série 6 (au moins...), donc..

Yamaha XS1100 Episode: 105

A droite, Bimota. Sur quelle base, mystère et couilles de gnôme... Au milieu Suzuki GS 1000 S. Et à gauche, flat BMW. Série 6 ou 7, va savoir...

Non ce n'est pas Bimota, il est un Yamaha XS1100.4 cylindres et entraînement par arbre.

Suzuki GS650G Episode: 110

Suzuki GS650G background vehicle Suzuki GS650G wiki

Spécial dédicace pour Andrepa...

Suzuki GS 650 Katana (1980. De mémoire...)

Honda VFC750 Episode: 110

Honda VFC750 chase

VFC 750 Sabre?

Kawasaki Z400 LTD Episode: 110

Kawasaki Z400 LTD minor vehicle

Kawasaki Z 400 LTD?

Piaggio Vespa 125 PX Episode: 113

Piaggio Vespa 125 PX minor vehicle

Vespa P125X as built between 1977 and 1983

Yamaha FS1 Episode: 127

Yamaha FS1 background vehicle Yamaha FS1 wiki

Free choice between the two bikes and the Deutz tractor. The bike is a small Yamaha - maybe an FS1 - and appears to have its barrell removed for repair. The tractor looks like this one Link to "" but unfortunately the pic does not identify the model. The other bike looks to have an aftermarket fairing and my not ever be identified unless there is another frame which shows the tank or the engine. I think evntually we will need two copies of this pic.

The tractor might be one of these - Link to "" and more - unfortunately I can't read Dutch.

Yamaha XV750 Episode: 132

Virago 535 ? Yamaha XV750 Virago as built between 1981 and 1984 (in 1984 they switched from mono shock to dual shock suspension)

Honda CB250 Twin Episode: 136

Honda CB400T II from 1978

Simple disque et déco de réservoir: ça serait pas une 250, plutôt?

Piaggio Boxer Episode: 138


Piaggio Boxer as built between 1969 and 1980

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 157

Piaggio Vespa background vehicle

Piaggio Vespas all the way...

The left one is peculiar - the vent is next to the bill and not on it. On right some Vespa S, I would assume.

Suzuki GS850 Episode: 165

Big shaft drive Suzook, it's either a GS850G or GS1000G

this livery

Yamaha DT50LC Episode: 172

Yamaha DT 50 LC?

Moto Guzzi 850 T3 California Episode: 180

Moto Guzzi 850 T3 California background vehicle

Guzzi 850 T3 California

Suzuki GSX-R Episode: 180

Suzuki GSX-R background vehicle

Piaggio Sì Episode: 182

Piaggio Sì minor vehicle

Maico GS400 Episode: 19

Maico GS400 chase

? 1974 Maico GS 400 / 440 Avec cet échappement, c'est une GS 250 de 1976. Ep. 32

1974 GS400

Piaggio Vespa P-Series Episode: 190

Piaggio Vespa P-Series background vehicle

Piaggio Vespa P-series.

Kawasaki GPZ750 Episode: 192

Kawasaki GPZ750 minor vehicle

Aircooled so not a 900, anti-dive so not a 550.

BMW R80RT TIC Episode: 195

BMW R80RT TIC minor vehicle

Piaggio unknown Episode: 209

Piaggio unknown background vehicle


Suzuki GS550 Episode: 215

GS 400 ou 550?

with gas tank contributed by GS 550 M Katana

Kawasaki KLR600 Episode: 216

Kawasaki KLR600 background vehicle

Kawasaki KLR 600?

Honda Shadow 600 Episode: 216

Honda Shadow 600 background vehicle

Honda VT 600 C Shadow

BMW R80GS Episode: 217

BMW R80GS background vehicle

BMW R80 GS...

Yamaha SR500 Episode: 220

Yamaha SR 500 (1978)

Suzuki DR600 Episode: 231

Suzuki DR600 background vehicle

Yamaha XJ600 Episode: 231

Yamaha XJ600 background vehicle

Yamaha XJ 600...

Suzuki RV125 Episode: 265

Suzuki RV125 background vehicle Suzuki RV125 wiki

Suzuki RV 125 Van Van...

Yamaha XT600 Episode: 269

Yamaha XT600 background vehicle Yamaha XT600 wiki

japanesse... YAMAHA DT ?

XT 600...

Suzuki GT550K Episode: 27

Suzuki GT550K background vehicle

GT 550 RAM (Ram Air System)

BMW R90 Episode: 27

Ep. 110

Jawa Speedway Episode: 28

Jawa Speedway background vehicle

Honda CB750K2 Episode: 34

Honda CB750K2 background vehicle

Early Honda CB 750. Interesting one behind it - maybe a custom of some sort. Sort of looks like a Munch Mammut but the badge is in the wrong place. Accompagnée par une Yamaha XS 650 en arrière-plan... Cela dit, c'est pas une K0. Pattes de phare chromées et non peintes, typiques des séries suivantes...

HONDA CB750 K2 (1972) La moto ci-dessus n'est pas une K0. Les supports de phare chromés, la nacelle de phare noire et les lettres blanches « HONDA » sur le réservoir d'essence l'identifie comme une K2 (1972). La CB750 K0 était une 1969/70; l'emblème « HONDA » sur le réservoir d'essence était noir, la nacelle de phare et ses supports étaient peints et les réflecteurs sur ces supports étaient beaucoup plus petits (voir photo ci-dessous). De plus, seulement sur la K0, les couvercles sur les côtés de la moto comportaient des fentes sur l'avant. De 1973 à '76, l'emblème « HONDA » (blanc) du réservoir d'essence est situé dans une bande de couleur noire et or beaucoup plus large. Honda CB750K0

Kawasaki Z900 Episode: 34

Kawasaki Z900 minor vehicle

Kawasaki 900Z

Kawasaki Z1000A2 Episode: 51

Kawasaki Z1000A2 background vehicle

Kawasaki Z1000? Kawasaki Z1A.

Z1000 A2

Suzuki GS400 Episode: 54

Suzuki GS400 (1978) 1978 model in silver as subject bike: 1977 model: Link to ""

Kawasaki Z1000A2 Episode: 60

Kawasaki KZ900A SERIES (76-77) This bike looks like it could be any one of several models that look very similar: Z650, 750, 1000. The bike having been repainted and this scene having been shot at night, it makes it difficult to say which one it is. But, with the wire wheels, the rear drum brake, the shape of the valve covers and of the passenger grabrail, I say KZ900A. I'm aware that the factory KZ900A had four exhaust pipes and that this bike has only two, but I believe these pipes are aftermarket (they look kinda cheap!). In those days, few owners kept the original pipes (reproductions are $$$ today!). As for the two disc brakes, some countries got bikes with one, others got bikes with two. And, it was quite common for owners of single-disc bikes to put a second one on to improve on the performance of the so-so stock brakes. À l'échappement près: 4 en 2. Les 900 étaient équipées de quatre splendides (et très recherchés) échappements distincts. Alors que le 1000, pour des raisons de poids (et de mode) arboraient ce fameux 4 en 2...

Not a Z900 (calipers behind fork legs) and definitely not a KZ, the K is a North America only prefix. That's a Z 1000 A2

Honda CB50J Episode: 69

Honda CB50J chase

Honda CB 125 N?

Non... Finalement, immatriculation de 50. Donc, Honda CB 50 J, après recherche sur le web...

Piaggio Vespa Episode: 85

Piaggio Vespa background vehicle