Der Kopp

Year 1999
Category Movie made for TV
Genres Crime

Indian Chief Roadmaster

Hmmmm..... There are bits that look a little too modern for a 1930's-40's bike, Kawasaki Drifter anyone? Link to "" If it is, it would be brand new. Might be one of the late 90s "Gilroy" Indians - the first successful and completely new, from-the-ground-up attempt at reliving the brand. If it is, 1999 only. These things started at about 60,000 Deutschmarks (30,000 euros) in Germany. I stand corrected, it ain't a Kawasaki and looking at details on the additional shots I'd say it's a very well restored genuine original, now to find out what.

1946-49 Chief Roadmaster.

BMW F650

BMW F650 main character BMW F650 wiki

F 650 ST (Strada)

Yamaha XZ550

Yamaha XZ 550 , not one of Yamaha's finer moments.