Dan cheng lu

Dan cheng lu poster
Year 1981
Minutes 98
Category Movie
Genres Adventure Drama

Acclaimed actor Danny Lee, known for his role in john Woo’s The Killer, has his directing debut in One Way Only, a Hong Kong Easy Rider, where the road and motorbikes are symbols of freedom against government oppression, which Jack Kerouac’s sees as a way of discovering oneself. Li plays a motorbike workshop owner that although injured during an illegal motorcycle race, continues to race regardless of the physical consequences and the law, because the road rules all.

Honda CB 750/4 K

1977 CB 550/4 K

Heu... 750, la Honda. Pas 550.

Honda CR250M road racer

Honda CR250M road racer minor vehicle

Lointain dérivé d'un 250 DT Yam... Not sure what the motor is but I doubt it's DT250, clutch cover is all wrong. Should we set it as 'Custom Made 250'? I'd like to leave as unknown for a while, it's easier to find when I do identify the engine......

OK folks, I think I've nailed it, Honda CR 250 M engine anyone? Link to "i0.wp.com" An unknown chassis with a Yamaha RD250/350 disc brake front end nailed on to make a (sort of) road racer?

Suzuki GS550

Suzuki GS550 background vehicle Suzuki GS550 wiki

Custom painted but I think Suzuki GS, 550 or 750.

Suzuki GSX750EX

Suzuki GSX750EX minor vehicle

1981 GSX 750 EX

Suzuki GT250

Suzuki GT 250 '72-75.

Suzuki GT250X7

Suzuki GT250X7 background vehicle

GT 125?

250 X7

Yamaha RD250

Yamaha RD250 background vehicle Yamaha RD250 wiki

RD 250 or 400 E/F

Yamaha RD250A

Yamaha RD250A minor vehicle

RD 250 A or B

Yamaha RD400 Daytona Special

Yamaha RD400 Daytona Special main character chase

1979 RD 400 Daytona Special

Yamaha RD400E

Yamaha RD400E background vehicle

Regular RD 400, E or F model.

Suzuki TS185L

A little detective work, it's a Suzuki TS that used to be yellow with white mudguards (before someone painted it with a wallpaper pasting brush), that makes it a 1974 TS 185 L.

Yamaha TZ250

Similar model:

TZ 250 or 350

Yamaha XJ650

Looks shaft drive so XJ 650

Yamaha XS500

Y a marqué 650, mais la culasse ressemble au 500?

Yeah, that's an XS/TX 500

Yamaha YB100

Yamaha YB100 background vehicle Yamaha YB100 wiki

Yam 50 FS1?


Kawasaki Z400

Kawasaki Z400 background vehicle

I'd say GS 750 based on twin discs, I think 550's with spokes only had single disc. Since we already have a well visible GS 750, I'm adding the one on the right edge.

Looks like a Kawasaki Z 400

Kawasaki Z650C2

Kawasaki Z650C2 background vehicle

Kawasaki KZ 650.

Just Z, it's a 650 C.