Daddy Day Camp

Daddy Day Camp poster
Year 2007
Minutes 89
Category Movie
Genres Comedy Family

Seeking to offer his son the satisfying summer camp experience that eluded him as a child, the operator of a neighborhood daycare center opens his own camp, only to face financial hardship and stiff competition from a rival camp.

Suzuki Quadsport

Suzuki Quadsport minor vehicle

Polaris Suzuki? It is a Suzuki you can see Suzuki on the side. can anyone else confirm that it has a Suzuki logo ???? I searched Suzukis for hours and couldn't find anything which looks like this

finally got it dunno the exact submodel but know the genral model this ia Suzuki Quadsport you can see same front end, same fenders and same sterring column

Royal Enfield Sixty-5

Royal Enfield Sixty-5 minor vehicle

Panier Watsonian (ou copie...) Indian Enfield & indian sidecar (copy)

Royal Enfield Sixty-5 with Cozy "Rocket" sidecar