Cover Her Face

Year 1985
Minutes 291
Category Mini-Series
Genres Crime Drama Mystery

BMW R80RT Episode: 6

BMW R80RT 00:22:47 minor vehicle BMW R80RT wiki

Same as: /vehicle_762083-BMW-R-80-RT-1979.html ? Ou R100 RT, ou,selon les dotations, R 60 RT.

British Police mainly used the R80.

Kawasaki Z650D SR Episode: 6

Kawasaki Z650D SR 00:44:55 background vehicle

By the rims a Kawasaki? Yes Kawasaki perharps Kz440 LTD modified fender + seat + muffler Non... Z 650 LTD strictement conforme à la série...

There never was a Z650 LTD, just the D model (SR) or the CSR that had spoked wheels. That bike is a Z 650 D SR