Corazones Blindados

Year 2012
Category TV Series
Genres Action Drama

Yamaha DT125 Episode: 0.073

Yamaha Dt 125/175

Honda XR125 Episode: 0.075

Honda XR125 chase


Honda CG125 Episode: 0.082

Honda CG 125 ? /vehicle_563652-Honda-CG-125.html

Yamaha DT125 Episode: 0.095

middle Honda xl 185? Yam XT, plus vraisemblablement...

C'est un DTMX 125 ou 175, les clignotants sont fixés sur le guidon, sur la deuxième photo il n'y a pas d'amortisseur, donc un cantilever et le silencieux est à gauche.

Suzuki DR200 Episode: 1.01

Some close-ups for rjluna2 0.079 DR 125? Appellation spécifique brésilienne?

My comments at Internet Movie Light Bulb Database.

Yamaha XT660 Episode: 1.01

XT 660 R

Suzuki DR200 Episode: 1.06

Suzuki DR200 1.43

/vehicle_553020-Suzuki-DR-125.html is also a DR200

Honda XLS125 Episode: 1.06

Honda XLS125 minor vehicle

La noire? Honda 125 XLS...

Yamaha DT Episode: 1.07

Yamaha DT minor vehicle

0.095 1.48 1.51, 0.113

Yamaha DT Episode: 1.08

Yamaha DT chase

1.26 1.30 0.095 Nice try on attempting to cover up the Yamaha logo. hehe, couldn't they use a bigger piece of tape? Or two pieces?

But then we wouldn't have known or it would have been harder to tell that the bike is a Yamaha. So this shoddy cover up works to our advantage.

Honda XL200 Episode: 1.08

Honda XL200 background vehicle Honda XL200 wiki

Honda Xl 200 brasil

Honda CG125 Episode: 1.09

Honda CG125 background vehicle Honda CG125 wiki

Honda CG 125

Bajaj Pulsar Episode: 1.13

Bajaj Pulsar background vehicle Bajaj Pulsar wiki


Yamaha BW'S 100 Episode: 1.23

Yamaha BW'S 100

1.26 0.084

Suzuki DR-Z400 Episode: 1.23

Suzuki DR-Z400 main character

Motorized by HVA 450? Suzuki DR-Z 400SM

1.17 1.01 1.49

Bajaj Boxer CT100 Episode: 1.26

Bajaj Boxer CT100 minor vehicle


Bajaj boxer ct100

Honda CR250R Episode: 1.28

It says 'Honda' on the forks.

CRF 250R

Yamaha DT125 Episode: 1.28

1.29 1.30 1.35 1.51

KTM EXC Episode: 1.28

KTM EXC chase

Some sort of KTM EXC, I believe.

Yamaha TW200 Episode: 1.28

Yamaha TW 200?

Honda XL125 Varadero Episode: 1.29

Honda XL125 Varadero minor vehicle

1.36 1.49

Honda XL 125

Suzuki GSF650 Bandit Episode: 1.30

Suzuki GSF650 Bandit minor vehicle

Suzuki GSF 650 Bandit

Yamaha DT125 Episode: 1.32

1997 Yamaha TT250 Link to "" All-Terrain Sports street pneus by the tank and side fairing

Yamaha Dt 125/175

Suzuki GN250 Episode: 1.35

Suzuki GN250 background vehicle Suzuki GN250 wiki

GN 250...

KTM SX85 Episode: 1.35

KTM SX85 minor vehicle KTM SX85 wiki

KTM looks like a 200 SX 2003 so many models, but KTM for sure 85sx ah, the smallest SX!


Suzuki AX100 Episode: 1.38

Suzuki AX100 minor vehicle

badge says something-100... maybe Honda ECO-100? 1.30

Suzuki Ax 100

Honda XL200 Episode: 1.38

looks like the same type (1.01) 1.05 1.06 1.31 1.38, 1.39 1.41 0.072 0.090 0.106

XL 200

Honda XR125 Episode: 1.38

Honda XR125 background vehicle

Honda ???

Yes, XR 125L, made in Brazil.

Yamaha unknown Episode: 1.42

Yamaha unknown minor vehicle


Bajaj Boxer BM100 Episode: 1.51

Bajaj Boxer BM100 minor vehicle

Bajaj Boxer bm100

Yamaha YZF250F Episode: 1.51

YZ 250F or 450F

Bajaj Platino Episode: 1.52

Bajaj Platino background vehicle

Honda by the spiral diecast wheels for e.g. Bajaj has those too... I think it says Platino.

Looks right. Link to ""

Yamaha XT660 Episode: 1.54

Yamaha XT660R