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BMW K100

BMW K100 background vehicle

shown escorting the GM sunracer Pour moi, BMW. K 100, vraisemblablement... I agree. May be Australian police by color. They used K100 with small shield like this.

Suzuki RM125

Suzuki RM125 background vehicle Suzuki RM125 wiki

shown in this GMC promo video:- /vehicle_83703-GMC-unknown.html Suzuki RM?

Sure, RM125 of '86-88 (It looks brandnew for promotion movie. '88 is most likely )

Yamaha Skorpion Concept

Yamaha Skorpion Concept background vehicle

also shown is a concept bicycle This bike is here , but nothing about the model name.

It´s a Yamaha Skorpion concept , after Yamaha GTS model