Common As Muck

Year 1994
End 1997
Minutes 55
Category TV Series
Genres Comedy Drama

Yamaha RD350 Episode: 1.01+

Writing on tank in 2nd thumb looks like "Lee Wxxxx 250 (or 350?)". Twin disc so it's a 350, RD 350 LC. Make?? Sorry, Yamaha, the urban hooligan's weapon of choice. Ep1.03 - same one Bitza, RD350N forks & front wheel. Ep1.04 Ep1.05 OEK 7W ✓ Taxed Tax due: 01 May 2019 ✓ MOT Expires: 18 May 2019 Vehicle make: YAMAHA Date of first registration: 30 March 1981 Year of manufacture: 1981 Cylinder capacity (cc): 349 cc Fuel type: PETROL Export marker: No Vehicle status: Tax not due Vehicle colour: WHITE Sounds like it's been restored to factory spec Really good-uns are rapidly heading north of 7K. (still no pound symbol). Ep1.06 - solves the signwriting "LEE YAM TUNING" with an 0625 number, now 01625 = Macclesfield. You can almost hear the piston slap and rattly small ends over the howl from the Allspeed pipes, Elsie shouldn't smoke that badly. Not a very good mobile advert.

Brief glimpses in Series 2 - ep2.01 - ep2.04 - ep2.05

MZ TS125 Episode: 1.04

MZ TS125 00:35:11 background vehicle

Another one for the imcdb Christmas Party Quiz?? Not so fast.... 2 stroke single with kickstart on the left on the same axis as gearshift, grey ring around speedo & tacho, shock absorbers with large alloy collar at the bottom and a rear mudguard with removable rear section to aid taking off the back wheel. This is an MZ TS125 (poss' 150). Weren't they Simson MZ on the isles?

Simson 'peds were sold through MZ dealers over here, I can't remember if they were marketed as just Simson or MZ Simson (only one of my mates had one, went like stink with the baffle removed). MZ bikes were just MZ.

Kawasaki AR125 Episode: 1.05

Kawasaki AR125 00:40:25 background vehicle

Horrible colour scheme, but it matches his overalls.

Kawasaki AR 125