Comando Élite

Year 2013
Category TV Series
Genres Drama

Honda XR125 Episode: 1.02

Honda XR125 minor vehicle


2012 Link to ""

Honda XR125 Episode: 1.03

Honda XR125 minor vehicle

Looks like another XR125L, but with a different headlight?

obviousely pre 2012 model

Suzuki TS185 Episode: 1.09

TSC 125 déguisée?


Yamaha BW'S 125 Episode: 1.12

Yamaha BW'S 125 minor vehicle


Suzuki Vivax Episode: 1.33

Suzuki Vivax background vehicle

1.39 (looks similar) 1.45

Solved! 2002+ Suzuki Vivax: Link to "" Link to "" Link to "" A quick Google Image search reveals that only the Vivax (or Viva X, I'd call this Vivax) has this headlight cluster.

Honda XL200 Episode: 1.55

A Honda like /vehicle_553023-Honda.html I think.

2008 XL 200 successor to the XL 200 in link

Yamaha Crypton Episode: 1.60

Yamaha Crypton background vehicle

Yamaha DT175 Episode: 1.64

refitted with disc brakes