Year 1977
End 1983
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Crime Drama Mystery

Kawasaki KZ900P Episode: 1.01

Kawasaki KZ900P (1975-77) in eps 3.04

Yamaha DT250 Episode: 1.09

Yamaha DT250 (1977-) Difficult to tell which DT250 or DT400, but I think it's 250. View from this picture, cylinder is a little shorter than DT400.

Dite en France: DTMX 250, lourde et lente... Heureuseemnt, il y avait la DTMX 400, un peu plus vive...

Triumph T140 Episode: 1.10

There's the Bandit on a motorcycle! Robbing motorists at the light of afternoon! of jon's old school buddies.! I was just making a figure of speech. Calm Down. ...he was one of Jon's old school friends ...and he Was Robbing motorists.! So I am not the only one that does not understand some of Trucker's comments ..yes..that makes two of us.! Hey, come on now. I'm just trying to fit in this family alright? Antp,and stronghold, trucker is just getting the feeling of this site. He's in his young ages so try not to put too much pressure on him. Just be a little nicer, he also wants to congratulate you two for the making of this site and helping him out. And he's not like Mr.Metalhead/Rocker B.J who swears and cusses for a mistake. Now that's something to prove! I do not put any presure, it is just that he thinks that we do not like him when we say that we do not understand what he says Ain't this the episode when Jon helps that High school buddy/Football hero get a job?

Disc front brake so 1973 or later.

Kawasaki Z1-R Episode: 1.11

Kawasaki Z1-R minor vehicle

1-star in this episode, but 2-stars in eps 3.06 En France, elle s'appelait 1000Z1R, et était connue comme le gros cube tenant la route, TOUTE la route, tellement elle était incapable de suivre la volonté de son conducteur. Un piège, on vous dit... (améliorée en 1978 en version Z2R, cadre et suspensions renforcées...) Donc, moto rarissime en version non-pliée! in eps 3.06**

A argent silver cafe racer 1977 Kawasaki Z1-R 1000. The first season episode Name Your Price where Ponch looses the bike on the game show to an elderly woman. The same bike is later used again in the third season epiode.

Kawasaki KE175 Episode: 1.14

Another Kawasaki KE175 /vehicle_18218-Kawasaki-KE-175-1976.html May be Kawasaki provided these for the TV-program? ..Yes..lots of free promotions.! from eps 1.03**

Also in eps 1.09**

Kawasaki KZ900B1 LTD Episode: 1.20

Version spécifique US, Kawasaki KZ900LTD, jantes à bâtons et selle double-étage

CZ 250 Cross Episode: 1.22

CZ 250 Cross chase

CZ Cross 250 (1974) juste pour la référence: Allez Jean-Pierre, soit pas timide! Mets la fiche à jour! Tu peux le faire.... moi j'ai pas fait la modif parce que j'hésitais sur ce qui est exactement la marque là-dedans Si j'ai pas fait la modif, c'est que pour certaines pages, j'arrive pas à ouvrir la page admin... Parfois en insistant, ça marche mais pas toujours... La marque, ici, c'est CZ

M'enfin Je me demande bien à quoi c'est dû ça... Tu utilises quel navigateur ? Vérifie s'il ne bloque pas les "cookies" venant d'IMCDB (bien que ce soient des cookies de session, tous les navigateurs les acceptent par défaut il me semble).

Husqvarna CR250 Episode: 1.22

I believe it's a Husqvarna.? (looking at the badge on the tank)

Yes, it's Husqvarna. Husqvarna 250 CR (1974 or 75) Husky tank badge(decal) revived from 1974.

Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Episode: 1.22

Electra Glide 1350cc

66-69 Electra-Glide.....1200cc

Kawasaki KZ1000A1 Police Episode: 1.22

This was a stolen and stripped police bike.

Kawasaki KZ650B1 Episode: 2.03

Là, vous me gâtez, les gars... Merci Stronghold! Devant (la rouge), une Kawasaki KZ 650 B1 (1977), et derrière, une 750 ZB (1975)... Faudrait peut-être faire une fiche pour les deux? Ce sont toutes deux des modèles rares et remarquables, actuellement...

Kawasaki KZ750B Episode: 2.03

digital images. Eh bien la voici, la Kawasaki KZ 750 B 1975! Merci!

A 1975 Kawasaki KZ 750 B which is actually ridden by Brianne Leary's character Sindy Cahill.

Suzuki JR50 Episode: 2.04

Suzuki JR50 (1978-79) *Image is 1980 model (stripe was added)

Kawasaki KL250 Episode: 2.04

Kawasaki KL 250 (1977)

Yamaha TT500 Episode: 2.11

Yamaha 500 TT, le modèle Tout Terrain de la 500 XT ici avec une préparation Supermotard (jante avant de 18 pouces et pneus routiers).

Ep 4.16, first of the four bikes stolen in the first scene :

Kawasaki KZ200 Episode: 2.13

Kawasaki KZ200 minor vehicle

Kawasaki KZ200 (1977-78) Tank emblem "KAWASAKI" (-'78), "Kawasaki"('79-) *'79 model Hey nice information about kz200 motorcycle...unique post I think I like it....and of course I will introducing my blog here, you all can see at there are about kz200 information and club kz200 activity in Indonesia please visit there or click below BR, kz200rider A 1977 Kawasaki KZ 200 used by the female car thieves to steal Ponch's beautiful restored Root Beer 1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

Kawasaki KZ750B Episode: 2.16

Kawasaki Z750 twin 1976-80.

Harley-Davidson Model D Episode: 2.17

on the left (main pic)

Modèle D (fin des années vingt) La boite à outils cylindrique sous le phare et l'avertisseur sonore est apparue en 1925

Henderson Model F Episode: 2.17

Henderson Model F background vehicle

Modèle équipé d'un moteur quatre cylindres en ligne I think it's called Henderson Long Tank

It's a Henderson Model F from 1916

Honda Super Cub110 Episode: 2.17

Honda Super Cub110 background vehicle

the white moped

based on the taillight, the look of the handlebars, the fact that its an american show and the legshields, im guessing its a 60's Honda Cub.

Harley-Davidson VL Episode: 2.17

in the middle vu la déco un modèle des années trente The one on the left is earlier - probably about 1929-30.


Ossa 250 Episode: 2.22

Ossa 250 chase

Ossa 250 about 1973.

CZ 250 Episode: 2.22

CZ 250 minor vehicle CZ 250 wiki

CZ 250 cross (perdu l'appellation précise du modèle...)

CZ 250 or 380 Falta replica 1975

BSA B33 Episode: 2.22

BSA B33 chase

BSA 500 from the late 1950s - much modified.

Kawasaki KE250B Episode: 2.22

Think these are KE250's. 1977.

Maico MC400 Episode: 2.22

Maico MC400 chase

Looks like a Maico? It seems... 1977 Maico MC 400 Three 1974 Maico MC 400 trailbikes used by Officer Frank Poncherello, Officer Jon Baker, and Officer Sindy Cahill. They used these bikes to catch two bad guys, and one bad girl.

1977 Maico MC400 is correct for the bike with the up-pipe. The bike with the down-pipe is from 1974..75. Non standard color scheme.

Bultaco Sherpa 325 Episode: 2.22

Bultaco 325 Sherpa... (ou 243, va savoir...)

350 (c'est marqué dessu) et c'est une 199 reconnaissable à son reservoir en nylon rouge .

Harley-Davidson unknown Episode: 3.01

Harley-Davidson unknown minor vehicle

main pic on the left

Kawasaki KZ1000ST Episode: 3.07

Kawasaki KZ1000ST minor vehicle

1300? The 1300 was a watercooled six cylinder model. This will be a 1000 probably from around 1976.

KZ 1000 ST, 1979.

Kawasaki KZ650B2 Episode: 3.07

Kawasaki KZ650B2 minor vehicle

La bleue, KZ 650 B2, et la rouge, 400 ou 550...

Yamaha TT500 Episode: 3.07

Yamaha TT 500? On dirait...

Yamaha YZ400 Episode: 3.07

Evel Knievel sur Yamaha 400 YZ?

Norton Commando 850 Episode: 3.13

1972 Norton 750 Commando Roadster (see front disc brake, polished gauge holders and taillight for positive ID).

Yamaha TT500 Episode: 3.13

Ce nest pas un TT500, c'est 2 temps avec kick à gauche

Penton unknown Episode: 3.19

Puch?? KTM. Ou Penton... Ah ben ouais, Penton. Soit KTM rebadgées pour les States. Origin: Austria / made for: USA, du coup, hein ? Chais pas si elles étaient pas assemblées aux States... Elle est brand new, nous sommes en saison 3 (1979-80). Or, qu'apprends-je à l'instant ? ici : Donc voilà. Oui, à lire le détail des couleurs, réservoirs, décalques apposés tels qu'énoncés ici on doit penser que c'est un modèle made in Austria 78+.

Féloches pour cette mine de renseignements précieux!

Suzuki JR50 Episode: 3.20

Mini-bike used by kids for a while in this episode: I see the number 50 on the seat. I want to believe it's a Yamaha YZ 50, but I have no proof. here such a Yamaha YZ50 pocket bike of 1980 for reference Suzuki JR50

thought of Suzuki, by color,than

Kawasaki Z650C2 Episode: 3.21

Kawasaki Z650 B2

C2 in Stardust silver

Honda XL500 Episode: 4.02

Honda XL 500

This is a YAMAHA XT/TT 500. note rounded sidecover, front brake hub, Honda has leading front axle,tank shape, cylinder cooling fins rounded- Honda look squarer,bash guard.Also, this bike does not have twin header pipes.

Honda Gold Wing GL1000 Episode: 4.05

I thunk it's a suzuki gs1000 with full fairing and a sidecar on it..... You can see part of a Honda badge in one pic and in another the badge has tape on it. 4.06: There's a GL1000 Goldwing under all that plastic.

Definitely a 'wing, with what appears to be a Vetter streamliner fairing.

Honda CB 750/4 K? Episode: 4.07

Honda CB 750/4 K? minor vehicle

Mild custom (extended front forks and 4 into 1 exhaust) Honda CB 750. Blue tank so quite an early one, maybe as early as 1969.

Not factory paint, chrome headlamp brackets = K2 or later.

Honda Custom Chopper Episode: 4.07

Honda Custom Chopper background vehicle

Custom-built chopper with Honda CB 750 power.

Harley-Davidson Custom Chopper Episode: 4.07

Harley-Davidson Custom Chopper background vehicle chase minor vehicle

Kawasaki cop bike on the left, and maybe a Triumph based chopper?

Triumph Custom Chopper Episode: 4.07

Triumph Custom Chopper background vehicle chase minor vehicle

The engine, and maybe the front end, is from a unit construction Triumph twin (maybe Tiger 100?) from 1957 or later.

Harley-Davidson Sportster Episode: 4.07

H-D Sportster.

Triumph unknown Episode: 4.07

Triumph unknown minor vehicle

1971 Triumph - a Bonneville I guess. It has the conical front brake, new style forks and instrument mounts first seen for 1971.

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Episode: 4.16

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing background vehicle

Honda Goldwing in front of Yamahas

The one in foreground then? That's maybe the only one more or less worth listing

Yamaha XT250 Episode: 4.16

Yamaha XT 500 Non c'est un XT250 81 avec le compteur rectangulaire, mais au début de l'épisode il y a un TT500 81

Replaced the main pic with one that shows more of the bike:

Kawasaki KZ1000A2 Police Episode: 4.19

Kawasaki KZ 1000 Police?


Yamaha XT500 Episode: 5.01

That curve over the cam cover on the underside of the tank is the giveaway, it's a Yamaha XT500

Kawasaki Z1-R Episode: 5.04

Kawasaki z1

Honda CM400 Episode: 5.16

Honda CM 400 T

Honda CX500 Episode: 5.16

Honda CX 500 (ou 400...) CXC

Kawasaki KZ1000B1 LTD Episode: 5.23

Kawasaki Z1000 Ltd

Maico 490 Episode: 6.06

Maico 490 chase

Maico 490, early 80's. Absolutely terrifying!

Honda XL Episode: 6.13

Honda XL chase

Honda. Maybe a 250?

Honda Magna V45 Episode: 6.15

Honda Magna V45 minor vehicle


Yamaha XT500D Episode: 6.15

Yamaha XT500D minor vehicle

Yamaha XT of some sort. Going by the front brake it is quite small displacement. I bought an XT 500 new in 1976 but I am sure its front brake was bigger than that.

XT 500, 77-78 D or E model