Charlie's Angels

Year 1976
End 1981
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Action Adventure Crime

Kawasaki KE125 Episode: 1.01

The main bike is a small Suzuki TS series model but I am not sure which size - maybe 100 cc? I think it is 1975. The other bike is a 1975 Honda CB450. Yes small bore TS Suzuki, the other is a Kawasaki Z400D La 125 ressemble plutôt à un KE Kawasaki. Et la routière est aussi une Kawasaki, 400 ...

The other bike is listed here: /vehicle_82583-Kawasaki-KZ-400-1975.html

Honda CT70K0 Episode: 1.11

Honda CT70K0 background vehicle

Moped or Scooter?:

Neither, dual purpose trail. 1970 Honda CT 70 K0 (ST 70 Dax in rest of world)>

Suzuki GS400 Episode: 2.04

Suzuki GS 250 or 400 - late '70s.

Kawasaki Z1-R Episode: 3.03

Kawasaki Z1-R (as far as I can work out it should have a hyphen) - 1977 was the first year for these.

Elle" a pas duré bien plus longtemps; une des motos les plus dangereuses à haute vitesse qu'il m'ait été donné de conduire: guidonnages, louvoiements et autres vacheries...

Kawasaki KZ400 Episode: Pilot

Used by Kelly: Episode 1.03 (2star) Ben... C'est marqué dessus: KZ 400 (1975) A deep dark blue 1975 Kawasaki KZ 400 which is actually used by Jaclyn Smith's character Kelly Garrett in the pilot. This is a 1976 Z400-D3.