Year 1990
End 1991
Minutes 55
Category TV Series
Genres Crime Drama Mystery

Honda Gold Wing GL1500 Episode: 1.10

The vehicle details for F90 XOM are: Date of Liability 01 05 2011 Date of First Registration 13 04 1989 Year of Manufacture 1989 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1492CC Vehicle Status Licence Not Due Vehicle Colour RED

Sorry but although this Gold-Wing has the trunk top-case & hard-luggage, it's NOT the 1500cc model - looks like a 1200cc IMHO - the 1500 has the whole luggage/rear-end is one seamless integral unit. These are obviously add-on luggage. Hard to tell what with that being an after-market exhaust, but this SEEMS like a "Comstar" wheel, the composite (com-) five-spoke (-star) wheels - which were present on GL1000, GL1100 AND some GL1200 models. So yeah - hard to nail it down ... hard for ME that is. Some of the "Wing-Nuts" out there, I'm sure they could name it at one glance.

Honda PA50 Camino Episode: 2.03

Honda PA50 Camino minor vehicle

The vehicle details for G885 FOP are: Date of Liability 01 01 1991 Date of First Registration 08 01 1990 Year of Manufacture 1990 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 49cc Vehicle Colour RED

PA ou Camino?