Cazadores de hombres

Year 2008
End 2008
Category TV Series
Genres Thriller

Honda CB750 Episode: 1.01

I think it's a Honda Nighthawk, my dad owns one.

It's the Honda CB 750 Seven Fifty.

Gas Gas EC Episode: 1.02

Gas Gas EC background vehicle

It's written Gas Gas on it...But I can't fint any others on the site, I know I've seen some before. /vehicle.php?id=79092 this one Atom? the one in the Bourne Ultimatum was said to be a Gas Gas as well but then Ralph corrected himself saying it was a Montesa. It was this I was thinking of I belive: /vehicle_128890-Montesa-Cota-4RT.html


Suzuki GZ125 Episode: 1.02

Suzuki GZ125 background vehicle

not exactly shure but looks like a suzuki gz125(250?) marauder

Piaggio Vespino Episode: 1.02

Piaggio Vespino background vehicle

is a vespino

Vespino NL. De la generaciĆ³n de los NLX, pero el modelo sin intermitentes. Las llantas son de 5 palos, en la generaciĆ³n de los NL (classic), pasaron a tener llantas de 4 palos heredadas de los F9.

Yamaha SR250 Episode: 1.03

Yamaha. need to find out the model type.

SR 250?

Ossa Enduro 250 Episode: 1.07

Ossa Enduro 250 background vehicle

on right: Ossa Explorer?

It's an Ossa Enduro 250.