Captain America

Year 1979
Minutes 97
Category Movie made for TV
Genres Action Adventure Sci-Fi

Yamaha DT125

Forte probabilité pour Yamaha DTMX. 125, 150, 200?

Suzuki GS400

Suzuki GS400 background vehicle Suzuki GS400 wiki

Honda CB200 twin.

Not a Honda, Suzuki GS 400 or 425.

Kawasaki KZ650

Kawasaki KZ650 background vehicle

no, rear brake pedal on right and unit engine It is a four cylinder Kawasaki from the mid to late 1970s. Not sure just which one.

KZ 650?

Yamaha TT500

It must be a light bike with such small drumbrakes and light frontfork, also the rear sprocket is large and the rear shocks are long. So it probably is based on a off-road bike Made for movie ? I was under the impression it was a customized Yamaha TT 500, but I can't recall the source... Yamaha TT 500.