Bu jian

Bu jian poster
Year 2003
Minutes 82
Category Movie
Genres Drama

A grandmother is looking for her grandson, a teenager for his grandfather.

Yamaha RS100

Yamaha RS100 background vehicle Yamaha RS100 wiki

The script on the front reads "RS" which corresponds to Yamaha: It looks like the 100 has this front end exclusively. Anyone object? I've found a few Chinese clones of it, but they all had slight differences, and it says "RS" anyways.

Here is one with mirrors angled like in the main pic: Link to "im01.taiwantrade.org"

Yamaha Vino 50

Yamaha Vino 50 background vehicle

Yamaha Vino, too early for Chinese cr*ps scooters, and it's in Taiwan anyways. Or maybe a Kymco Kiwi?

Solved! It's indeed a Vino, note the strange decal stripe that doesn't seem to be offered on Japanese or Western models: http://pic.pimg.tw/kuai1208/1414742010-4137191126_n.jpg