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Piaggio Liberty Episode: 1.3

Piaggio Liberty background vehicle

The one in the foreground is the only one I can quickly identify. First I was puzzled by the fact that it looked like a weird Vespa ET2/4, but I found out it's a 1997-2005 Piaggio Liberty. (that's the best picture I could find, the others didn't let me go fullsize)

This is solved, as there is no box let's take the identified and most visible scooter.

AJS Model 16 Episode: 1.5

AJS Model 16 background vehicle AJS Model 16 wiki

AJS single from the 1950s. Can we lighten the pic up and get a better look? Our mystery BSA is on the left.

AJS Model 16 as built from 1945 to 1949

Harley-Davidson Road King Episode: 1.5

Don't know what the three wheeler is based on. There is one being marketed here in NZ called a Can-Am. The black bike is a Harley-Davidson - maybe a Road King? It is a Can-Am indeed, but it's already listed. I'm looking for the HD or maybe the other twos (if they're rare). Just a guess he (the Can AM driver) didn't find acceptation in the "Holy riders" society? Is he still alive? The program-host, Jan Erik Larssen? Of course he is, otherwise this'd been the last episode The biker gang actually liked the Can-Am but most said it was an unaccustomed experience, if you don't believe me, I've taken the liberty to translate the conversation from this scene into English: Jan Erik Larssen: Here we have a part of a real Oslo-based MC-Gang, Holy Riders. Thank you for allowing me to interrupt in between full coffee-cups and illegal bible-translation. I have one question for you. What are your opinions on the Can-Am's driving abilities? Everyone of you have taken it for a spin. Biker #1: It was a lot of fun, but it felt a little like driving a snowmobile. Biker #2: It was a bit unaccustomed, it wouldn't excactly keep up in the turns. Biker #3: Awesome, but a little unaccustomed. Biker #4: It was fun, you felt a bit like riding a normal motorcycle. Biker #5: Unaccustomed at first, but eventually I got used to it. Another hour, and I'd mastered driving it. Biker #6: A lot of fun, but pretty unaccustomed. Biker #7: Fun, but I had to lean slightly more in the turns, like when riding a bicycle. Jan Erik Larssen: And another thing, can one join Holy Riders MC if you buy yourself a Can-Am Spyder? Answer at the same time on my count to three. One, two, three... Bikers: Yes! Jan Erik Larssen: Amen! Hahaha (iconic Larssen laugh).

FLHRC Road King Classic

BSA Rocket Gold Star Episode: 1.5

BSA Rocket Gold Star background vehicle

BSA, twin 650 ? It might be a Rocket Gold star like this one but we can't really see enough of it to be sure even if it is a single or a twin.

Its a Bsa twin , possibly 650 Spitfire ?