Brigada central

Year 1989
End 1990
Minutes 50
Category TV Series
Genres Crime Thriller

Kawasaki GSX Episode: 1.01

Kawasaki GSX minor vehicle

Kaawsaki? (suggestion: GPX 750...) Confirmation: Link to ""

That isn't a GPX 750. I own GPX 750 '87. That bike may be a Suzuki GSX400 or GS450, or perhaps a Yamaha XS400... with an aftermarket fairing, surely of the spanish Puig barnd, very common in Spain in the '80s

BMW K100 Episode: 1.01

BMW K100 chase

K 100...

Moto Vespa Vespa Episode: 1.02

Moto Vespa Vespa background vehicle

Yamaha SR250 Episode: 1.04

Yamaha SR250 background vehicle Yamaha SR250 wiki

SR 250 (la 125 n'avait pas de compteur-compte tours...)