Year 2002
End 2002
Minutes 750
Category Mini-Series
Genres Action Crime Drama

Ural 650 Episode: 13

Ural 650 minor vehicle


Yamaha FJ1100 Episode: 9

Yamaha FJ1100 background vehicle Yamaha FJ1100 wiki

Point pro en bécanes, mais ça ressemble plus que fort a un Yamaha FJ1200. Mais avec les couleurs et la bulle du carénage, c'est une FJ 1100, pas une 1200

In the US, this was sold as a 1986 FJ1200. In the US, the 1985 FJ1100 had the same colors as this bike, but the upper fairing was smaller, did not have the directional lights, and had the small air scoops. Also, the mirrors on the 85FJ1100 were mounted on the brake and clutch master cyliners. Also, the 1985 FJ1100 had the passenger handles on top of the tail section, not on the side as shown in this picture.