Bôsô panikku: Daigekitotsu

Bôsô panikku: Daigekitotsu poster
Year 1976
Minutes 85
Category Movie
Genres Action Crime

Like its title, this crazy Toei film from 1976 falls neatly into two parts. The first details the exploits of two bank robbers who specialize in "smash and grab" style heists. Evidently, Japanese banks of the period left huge piles of cash laying around on filing cabinets and end tables. The thieves dream of escaping Japan and going to Brazil. Charismatic lead Tsunehiko Watase gets involved with Miki Sugimoto, a strange girl with a severe mental problem. After a bank robbery goes wrong and his partner is killed, Watase is assaulted by his dead partner's thuggish brother who wants the loot.

Honda CB350K3

Honda CB350K3 minor vehicle

It is a Honda CB 250 or 350 twin. Hard to tell from this angle whether it has a disc or drum front brake.

I think because it is red it is a 1972 350.

Honda CB350P

Honda CB350P background vehicle

Different ones? To choose then. Honda CB450 Police Special ? Link to "www.motorcycleclassics.com" I think they are 350s. There is no sign of the double ohc set up. May even be older 250's. I see drum brakes instead of discs.

Tthe 350 used drum brakes until about 1972.

Honda CB450

CB 450, (forme de la selle...)?

Honda Dax

Honda Dax background vehicle

Honda Dax.

(And I wouldn't classify it a scooter. A moped, like the others on the db, yes.)

Yamaha YDS 7250

Yamaha YDS 7250 minor vehicle

Perhaps the same one: EDIT: And as different bike in different scene (moved here from own page) : Similar one perhaps (on the left): This is a 1972 model bike - either a 250cc DS7 or a 350cc R5. If there is a shot which shows the side panel close up where we can distinguish between a 2 and a 3 we can be more sure. @nzcarnerd - I will take a look if it is visible. One question - under this pic with marked white-green bike: You wrote: 1975 was a typo? Yes a typo, meant 1972.


Yamaha YZ250

Yamaha YZ 250 from early to mid 70s. All components and also colour do match: http://www.cyclechaos.com/images/5/5f/1975-Yamaha-YZ250-Yellow-224-1.jpg