Year 1986
End 1992
Minutes 60
Category TV Series
Genres Comedy Crime Drama

BSA A65L Episode: 1.01+

BSA A65L main character

Ken Boon's motorcycle: 1.01: From opening titles: And closing titles: The vehicle details for EVK 284C are: Date of Liability 01 05 2012 Date of First Registration 12 03 1965 Year of Manufacture 1965 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 650CC Vehicle Status SORN Not Due Vehicle Colour NOT STATED Info about 'White Lightning': From 1.02:


Coventry-Eagle Flying 8 Episode: 1.05

Coventry-Eagle Flying 8 background vehicle

Because this machine is displayed next to some other high end of the market machines, I suspect it might be one of these - - although the article in the link makes no mention of the National MC Museum. It does mention the London MC Museum - maybe that is whre these pics were taken??

1925 Coventry-Eagle Flying 8

Norton Manx Episode: 1.05

Norton Manx background vehicle Norton Manx wiki

Norton's, a lot: Manx and International featherbed and gardengate frames!

I think you mean Nortons, not Norton's. Yes, a Manx in the foreground. The other #1 behind might be just post WW2? because it has tele forks.

AJS Model D Episode: 1.05

AJS Model D background vehicle

could be a D model, 6HP and 748cc

Possibly the same bike? -

Triumph Model H Episode: 1.05

Triumph Model H background vehicle

Seen in scenes set at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. The only 1922 bike listed as an exhibit now (25 years later) doesn't look too close to this one... It's your turn to hurry up and check the museum and its exhibited vehicles I believe this museum had a major fire a few years ago so many of the machines seen here will perhaps have been destroyed? This one might be a Triumph - maybe a Model H? A propos burnt down collections: @walter: don't read that: Link to "" Re ingo's link. I don't read German but I did pick up enough from it to understand that it refers to the fire in January of this year which destroyed the von Raffay collection. I read somewhere that the value of the machines lost was estimated at around 20 million euro. I know the collection included many rare and one-of-a-kind cars that are irreplaceable. Some of these had been restored here in NZ. He owned quite a few pre-1905 cars that his family had owned for many years but whether they were lost in the fire I don't know. Douglas?

Agree with Triumph - Model H

Brough Superior SS80 Episode: 1.05

Brough Superior SS80 or SS100 in front (red tank) Coventry Eagle The Coventry Eagle is worth a page of its own as we don't have one on the site yet. : /vehicle.php?id=415789

It has the old Druid style fork, from 1925 the SS80 Standard and DeLuxe had a Web fork and the Special had a Castle fork. So this one must be a 1922-1924 model SS80

Triumph Thunderbird 1600 Episode: 1.05

Triumph (Thunderbird?) The blue colour says it is a Thunderbird. Not earlier than 1954 but may be a bit later.

This is (was) the National Motorcycle Museum, destroyed in a huge fire in 2003. Most of these bikes were lost.

Honda CB125 Episode: 1.12

Honda CB125 background vehicle Honda CB125 wiki

Honda CB250N from somewhere in the period 1980-83.

Mhouais... Honda, OK, mais CB 125 Twin... dans sa deuxième version (démarreur électrique, etc...)

Honda Gold Wing GL1100 Episode: 1.12

Honda Gold Wing GL1100 minor vehicle

Plate comes back to a Tomos 50cc Moped (that lasted just 6 months!) which this seems to big to be. It is one of the Honda Goldwing (GL 1000 or ?) variants with, maybe, aftermarket fairing and panniers. Vetter pour le carénage et les sacoches... also could be a silverwing AKA CX600

Pas avec ces caches latéraux, typiques de la 1100 Gold... Quant à la CX, en France du moins, 400, 500 ou 650. Pas 600...

Suzuki GP125 Episode: 1.12

Suzuki GP125 background vehicle

Suzuki GP 80, ou 125?

GP 125

BSA M20 Episode: 1.12

BSA M20 background vehicle BSA M20 wiki

Honda Custom Chopper Episode: 2.01

Honda Custom Chopper minor vehicle

Can someone sort out these bikes? (if they are identifiable?) Most are only seen in blurred images:

Regarding the large photo at the top, the frame origin is uncertain to me, but it has been modified with a hard tail rear section and a stretched and raked neck. The forks look like stock Honda units that have been stretched with extended tubes. Front dual discs look like stock Honda units from either the CB750 Custom or the CB750F. The tank is a common custom style, typically known as a "peanut tank". The engine is a Honda CB750 DOHC, which was produced (in this configuration) from 1979 to 1982. It looks like the same bike shows up at the front of the lines of bikes in the 3rd photo from the left. The two front bikes in the far left photo look like modified Honda CBX's (1979 - 1982), or maybe CBX engines in a custom frame. These were inline six cyliner engines, similar to the older Benelli six, and were extremely wide like these appear to be.

Kawasaki KL250 Episode: 2.01

Kawasaki KL250 minor vehicle

1980 Kawasaki KL 250

actually 1983 livery

Triumph TR 6 Trophy Episode: 2.01

T120 Bonneville

It has only a single carb so is a Trophy TR6. The color means it is 1969.

Yamaha TY250 Episode: 2.01

Only trial bike I've ever seen with panniers, there is also a weird selection of small trail bikes with panniers in this episode. Some additional images of this and another similar Yamaha:

Bôf... La ligne du moteur me rappelle plutôt la TY 250. Plus rare. La 175 avait le même bas-moteur que la 125...

Lambretta unknown Episode: 2.01

Lambretta unknown background vehicle

Ford Cortina 2.0S. maybe should have its own page for its rarity .

lambretta and not Vespa !!!

Norton Commando 850 Interstate Episode: 2.01+

Commando, surely Interstate 850

I've replaced the main picture: 2.01: 2.02: 2.03: 2.08:

Honda PC50 Episode: 2.03

The vehicle details for DOL 61K are: Date of Liability 01 06 1987 Date of First Registration 22 05 1972 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 50cc Fuel Type PETROL Vehicle Colour BLUE

Lambretta GP200 Episode: 2.04

The vehicle details for DAB 977H are: Date of Liability 01 08 2012 Date of First Registration 21 07 1970 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 200cc Vehicle Status SORN Not Due Vehicle Colour BLUE

Makes it a Lambretta GP 200.

Kawasaki Z1300 Episode: 2.04

Kawasaki Z1300 minor vehicle

Yamaha XS Eleven Venturer? - Same in 2.09:

I don't think so, there's a massive radiator behind that fairing, XS1100's were air cooled, not even an oil cooler. I think that's a Kawasaki Z1300 with a Windjammer fairing.

Honda Vision 110 Episode: 2.05

Honda Vision 110 minor vehicle

The vehicle details for C454 WLA are: Date of Liability 01 10 1998 Date of First Registration 05 06 1986 Year of Manufacture 1986 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 49cc Vehicle Colour RED isn't this an AERO 50 ???? don't think it's a Vision

ah , ok

Honda FT500C Episode: 2.06

Honda FT500C minor vehicle After studying hundreds of images on the Net , I think it's fair to say this is not a Yamaha, but it is a Honda CB 450 SC Nighthawk in poor condition, with some parts from different models: the engine, fuel tank and the wheel are arguably the original ones, but the headlight comes from a 1983-1984 CB 550 SC, and the mudguard is from a CB 900 F. That bike is most definitely not a CB450. The CB450 is a twin - I own a 1982 CB450T myself - and the cylinders protrude out side the tank on each side If it is not an SR500 it is a Honda FT500 - - the tank shape is a better match. Dite "Ascott" en France. En GB? Rear of a bike seen in 2.13 registered as Honda FT-500 C so I guess this one again:

Not Ascot in UK, just plain FT 500.

Yamaha YZ125 Episode: 2.06

1983 Yamaha YZ 125

Suzuki GS400L Episode: 2.08

Suzuki GS400L minor vehicle

GS 650? Et pourquoi 400? Parce que la base de données du DVLA indique ceci : Date of Liability 01 12 1991 Date of First Registration 04 10 1983 Year of Manufacture 1983 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 399cc CO2 Emissions Not Available Fuel Type PETROL Export Marker N Vehicle Status Unlicensed Vehicle Colour BLACK Vehicle Type Approval Not Available

Autant pour moi, j'avais pas vu le n° d'immatriculation.... Merci DVLA! (et Exiv96 au passage...) Au fait: Bonne année et meilleurs voeux à toutes et à tous!

BSA B31 Episode: 2.09

BSA B31 minor vehicle BSA B31 wiki

The vehicle details for JOV 111 are: Date of Liability 01 09 1997 Date of First Registration 22 07 1949 Year of Manufacture 1949 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 348cc Vehicle Colour NOT STATED BSA B31 This motorcycle now belongs to me. My uncle was supplier of motorcycles to the series. It is partially restored but up for sale.

Use /upload.php

Yamaha FJ1100 Episode: 2.09

Yamaha FJ1100 background vehicle Yamaha FJ1100 wiki

1984 Yamaha FJ 1100.

Moto Guzzi V50 Episode: 2.09

Moto Guzzi V 50 II as built from 1979 to 1981

Honda CB400N Superdream Episode: 3.01

Honda CB400N Superdream background vehicle

The vehicle details for TEH 561X are: Date of Liability 23 02 1990 Date of First Registration 01 08 1981 Year of Manufacture 1981 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 395cc Fuel Type PETROL Vehicle Colour BLACK CB

This one is a CB 400 N. very simlar in appearance to the US market CB 450 T of the following year.

Kawasaki GT750 Episode: 3.01

Kawasaki GT750 background vehicle

Z1300? Quatre cylindres air-cooled, donc IMPOSSIBLE que ce soit une 1300. Z 1100? Z 1000? GT750 ?

Bien possible...

Suzuki CS50 Roadie Episode: 3.04

Suzuki CS50 Roadie minor vehicle

The vehicle details for B136 BJW are: Date of Liability 05 02 1994 Date of First Registration 25 02 1985 Year of Manufacture 1985 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 49cc Fuel Type PETROL Vehicle Colour RED

Suzuki Love?

Honda CX500 Episode: 3.09

Honda CX500 background vehicle Honda CX500 wiki

The Comstar wheels tell us it is a Honda. Looks to have a drum rear brake so is unlikely to be a big engine model. Maybe a CB 250/400? CX 500?

It's shaft drive

BMW R80RT Episode: 3.09

BMW R80RT background vehicle BMW R80RT wiki

Honda CB 750/4 F2 Episode: 3.13

Honda CB 750/4 F2 minor vehicle

It is a late variation of the CB 750. Note it has Comstar wheels and a 4 into 1 exhaust so is a 1979 F2.

Honda CX500 Episode: 3.13

CX 500 première série?

Kawasaki Z550 Episode: 3.13

Kawasaki Z550 minor vehicle

Z 650, voire Z 1000 LTD pas la selle du 650 z

There never was a Z650 LTD, just the D model (SR) or the CSR that had spoked wheels. That bike is a 550 or 750.

Kawasaki ZX-10 B1 Episode: 3.13

Kawasaki ZX-10 B1 background vehicle

HPI says ZX 1000 B1 but we have no listings for that type. Is there another more correct name? This is still on the road, BTW: The vehicle details for F481 PDU are: Date of Liability 01 02 2013 Date of First Registration 01 08 1988 Year of Manufacture 1988 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 997cc Fuel Type PETROL Vehicle Colour SILVER There is a firs time for everything. A google image search shows several B1s so is probably corect. It's more commonly known in the UK as the ZX-10: Link to "" Dite Tomcat, chez nous...

Cela dit, la pôvre Yamaha XS (250 ou 400, les spécialistes du DVLA (VUE474S) nous le diront...) méiterait bien sa page, non?

Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Episode: 4.04

The vehicle details for F559 YNG are: Date of Liability 05 04 2010 Date of First Registration 05 09 1988 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1340cc Fuel Type PETROL Export Marker Y Vehicle Colour BLACK

Heritage Softail Classic FLSTC

Honda Super Cub110 Episode: 4.11

Honda C50 deluxe Link to "" It's a Honda C90ZZ. The C50 Deluxe was never sold in the UK and had many different features to this.

XPB 793Y listed as a Cortina .... C90 ZZ arrived UK May 77 replacing CE 90 Ninety Plus, and was replaced March 83 by C90 C with "redesigned headlight cowl and legshields" In terms of C50, UK got C50 Z2 from Jan 78, became C50 ZZ May 79, C50 L added Jan 81 (as ZZ with single seat), Feb 82 C50 LA added (L with automatic), April 82 C50 ZZ replaced by C50 C with "redesigned headlight cowl and legshields". No info on what happened after 1984, plus there was a similar saga for C70.

Honda CD200 Episode: 4.13

A small Honda twin of some sort.

Not a 125, Honda CD 200.

BMW R 100/7 Episode: 5.07

BMW R 100/7 minor vehicle

Honda Dream CA72 Episode: 5.08

Honda Dream CA72 background vehicle

Honda CD175 ? Benly? Dream 305 de 1969?

Being UK I think more likely to be a 250. CA 72. Lots to choose from -,_C76,_C72,_C77_Dream

Honda CBX550 FII Episode: 5.09

Honda CBX550 FII background vehicle

CB 900 F2?

Not a 900, this is a CBX 550 FII, 82-86.

BMW K100LT Episode: 5.09

BMW K100LT background vehicle BMW K100LT wiki

K 1100 LT?

BMW K100RS Episode: 5.09

BMW K100RS background vehicle BMW K100RS wiki

The white bike registered G35 TAL. The K1 will have a page of its own shortly.

K 100 RS?

BMW K75 Episode: 5.09

BMW K75 background vehicle BMW K75 wiki

K 75

Honda MBX125F Episode: 5.09

Honda MBX125F background vehicle


MBX 125 F

BMW R80ST Episode: 5.09

BMW R80ST background vehicle

R 80, ST, je crois...

Honda RC30 Episode: 5.09

Honda RC30 background vehicle Honda RC30 wiki

Honda RC 30 (VFchaipluquoi 750...) Link to ""

Jawa unknown Episode: 5.09

Jawa unknown background vehicle

Jawa speedway bike

Kawasaki Z1300 Custom Trike Episode: 5.09

Sur base Kawasaki Z 1100...


Yamaha XJ650 Episode: 6.03

Yamaha XJ650 background vehicle Yamaha XJ650 wiki

Some bike fan can choose, H84 YRB is registered as a 1991 Kawasaki but the silver bike (badged 650) is more visible. Maybe 1982. Not shure if it is called also Yamaha XJ 650 Turbo...

The big Kawasaki is a Z 1300, the Yam is an ordinary XJ 650.

Honda CB250N Superdream Episode: 6.04

Honda CB250N Superdream background vehicle

Honda Yessss... CB 250 ou 400 N... Au choix!

Single disc so 250 N

Honda Super Cub110 Episode: 7.12

Honda Super Cub110 00:40:22 minor vehicle

Honda CA100

Honda supercub C90 1968?