Big Magnum Kuroiwa Sensei

Big Magnum Kuroiwa Sensei poster
Year 1985
Minutes 102
Category Movie
Genres Comedy

Kuroiwa, a high school teacher who carries a “Big Magnum 44” gun is sent to a school that is full of violence. Can Kuroiwa reform the students with the gun?

Honda CB250J

Honda CB250J minor vehicle

Honda CB250J or CB360J

Honda CB750 Four

Honda CB750 Four minor vehicle

CB750 K(?)

CB 750 Four...

Honda FT500


Ascott, comme en France?

Kawasaki GPZ550UT

Kawasaki GPZ550UT background vehicle

1984 Kawasaki GPz 550 UT here the different front wing of 750

although GPz family all looks the same, there is not a single part identically the good old two valve engine in its nicest dress

Suzuki GS400

1984 GSX-R 400. Link to ""

Suzuki GS750

Looks like a GS750 with the wrong front end, forks & brake are off a GT era bike.

would agree: GS 750 with tiny fork Link to ""

Suzuki GSX1100

Suzuki GSX1100 background vehicle Suzuki GSX1100 wiki

Katana 1000 or 1100

going to set as 1100 as a default value than.

Suzuki GT250X7

Suzuki GT250X7 background vehicle

Suzuki X7 (GT250)

Honda VT250F

any shots of theKatana behind ? @andrepa, it's now listed here: /vehicle_951346.html @marcusdragonma thank you :)obrigado Change this to a 1982 Honda VT 250 F. The orange Indicators are similar with this.

yes, just found integrated indicators of VT 250 F

Yamaha XS250

Yamaha XS250 minor vehicle

Yamaha XS250 or 400.

Yamaha XS400C

Yamaha XS400C minor vehicle

Same bike?

Yamaha XS 400 C?

Yamaha XS650

XS650, SE or SF Model

Yamaha XT250

Bitza, most of it is XT 250, the swinging arm is YZ.