Year 1995
End 2006
Minutes 45
Category TV Series
Genres Comedy Crime

Bimota DB2 Episode: 1.01

Bimota DB2 background vehicle Bimota DB2 wiki

1993 Bimota DB2

For IMBeerBottleDb: probably the local hero Dortmunder Stifts Pils

MZ ETZ250F Episode: 1.04

MZ ETZ250F background vehicle

An East German MZ ETZ 250 police bike in a West German crime series? ^ 1995, so why not?

If it should been presented in regular use, it would be absolute odd, but this one is "civilised". The "Polizei"-lettering is gone and the blue lights are covered. In the early 90ies they were flogged, when all COMECON-products were thrown out by the East German police services. Nowdays collectors are paying respectable prices for them. Especially stuff like the original fairing is expensive. My brother-in-law, the cop nearby Berlin, owns such a Volkspolizei-MZ in original and complete trim. For IMProductPlacementDb: Chiquita bananas and Onken yoghurt. Here for the lousy local newspapers: /vehicle.php?id=458218 Written by underpaid legasthenics, printed by careless and/or drunken typesetters and read by people, whose own horizion is limited on the own borough.

BMW K75RT Episode: 1.07

BMW K75RT minor vehicle BMW K75RT wiki

K 75 RT.


Honda CB750 Episode: 2.09

CB Sevenfifty