Au plus près du paradis

Au plus près du paradis poster
Year 2002
Minutes 96
Category Movie
Genres Drama Romance

People and life can be cruel, and in their face, Fannette is cool: toward an old acquaintance, to her daughter, to colleagues. Beneath the surface, she roils with passion for a lost love, Philippe. She watches "An Affair to Remember" again and again, and when she receives a letter from Philippe asking her to meet him atop the Empire State Building, she swoons. She's writing a book on an aged painter, so she organizes a trip to New York ostensibly to secure photographs of some of his pieces. The publisher assigns her a photographer, Matt, on the surface spontaneous and flip, but also aggressive about his attraction to her. Will she be with the one she loves? Will she smile? Written by


BMW K75S 00:30:43 background vehicle BMW K75S wiki

The motorcycle.

Encore une BMW. Plus récente, celle-là: une K 75 S...


BMW R65 00:40:59 background vehicle BMW R65 wiki

The motorcycle.

Si c'est une BMW (image floue... ou yeux fatigués, va savoir...) alors c'est une R65S (ou une R45/S) de 1978... L'aurait pas pu s'approcher plus, ce cadreur?